What is Snapchat Score? How to use?

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Imagine yourself in a race of speed, with other competitors by your side who will do their best to win and be the most popular of all. 3…2…1… And the starting signal is given. You're fourth, now move to third... second... take the lead and win the race. Great! Everyone already knows about you, and you begin to enjoy unprecedented popularity.

What is the Snapchat score: how to use it

Many people are using it this way one of the most popular social networks of the moment: the Snapchat application . And as if they were participating in a speed contest, they are looking for the prize of who is the most popular in this social network.

Well, Snapchat has a scoring system to measure it. Want to know what it is and how to use it to your advantage? Keep reading this post and we will explain it to you quickly and easily.

    What is Snapchat Score?

    Your Snapchat Score helps measure how much use you're giving this app and compares you to other users. The snaps you receive and send, the stories you create and add, and other factors are taken into consideration. This way you get one of the popular stars in this social network. Although in reality it is not known for sure how specific the calculation is for each action we perform, which makes it somewhat mysterious.

    To see how many points you have, go to your friends list on Snapchat, which you can search and clicking on your name will get the amount. If you want see what your friends have accumulated, put yourself on the name of one of them and clicking on it you will know. And, as mentioned at the beginning, the speed contest will become more exciting as you try to outrun those who are ahead. But if you go ahead, you will make an effort to stay there and that no one reaches you.

    What to do to increase your Snapchat score?

    The key will be send and receive as many Snaps as possible ; this is the first option to get those points you want so badly. Apparently, you get 1 point for every Snap you receive and 1 point for every other you send. It is also possible that if you reply quickly to the messages you receive, you will get a bigger bonus, ranging from 5 to 10 points.

    Another way to get higher scores is to send and receive Snap from your best friends . Go figure! Get 10 points for what you send and 5 for what you receive. So don't wait any longer, start communicating with them and make them feel interested in the content you send, so they respond to you faster. The invitation that the application makes us is that we use it a lot to have a good score and gain popularity.

    What things can be attractive to your friends?

    Snapchat has many tools for you to let your imagination run wild and capture the attention of your friends. For example, something that has become very popular is sending selfies in which your face appears transformed into an emoji, you can use filters on your photos, share them with friends and thus increase your score.

    You can also send photos of your daily life, ugly photos (remember they self-destruct after a short time), talk to them via video calls, among other things.

    In this instant messaging app, when you send photos, you can also edit them, adding a little text or even drawing on it. It's a lot of fun, we invite you to try it.

    Without a doubt, you will be distracted in this social network that has achieved a great boom in recent months. Remember that the points you have accumulated in it will help you gain popularity and that you can increase them by sending and receiving Snaps with your friends. We would be happy to hear if this post was helpful to you, so leave us your comment in the box.

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