What is spam? How to avoid spam when browsing the Internet

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In today's article we will talk about how to avoid spam when browsing the Internet by seeing What is spam? Content not requested by a user is known as spam, it usually comes in the form of an email. Knowing this, we can consider spam any message that we do not request.

In today's article we will look at the types of spam that exist, how to avoid spam while surfing the Internet and the consequences that spam brings to a user.

What types of spam are there?

Spam is a practice that all Internet users have suffered. This of it usually occurs in various Internet environments , each with different goals, ranging from advertising a company to fraud attempts that come in the form of emails, some attempt to install a virus on our computer through files shared in spam.

It is prudent know the types of spam that we receive on the Internet, because it is found everywhere as an annoying issue for every Internet user. Below we will mention and explain each of these types of spam.

Spam using email

This it is the most frequent and excessive type of spam . It can be available in three forms, in high volume emails and emails with advertising content. We will explain each of these below.

  • When we talk about high volume emails, we mean these messages sent to a large number of addresses .
  • On the other hand, emails with advertising content they are usually addressed to a person, who offers offers and other commercial information .

Spam dai social network

Another type of spam that we can find on the Internet is in one of the most decisive spaces in the digital world, being the Social Networks . Some companies with a weak marketing strategy tend to spam all users who may be potential buyers, but resulting in bad publicity.

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In turn, spam on social networks can come from suspicious users. By suspicious users we mean fake profiles that are created to promote to scam anyone they accept.

Internet browsing spam.

Finally, we have the spam that develops while surfing the Internet. This type of spam makes our searches difficult in any browser . It is applied thanks to the analysis of the online positioning of some pages, doing everything possible to appear among the first options of our search.

This wouldn't be a problem if the page matches what we're looking for, however, some they make use of surprising titles to deal with completely different topics later on .

How Can I Avoid Spam While Browsing the Internet?

Having seen the different spaces where we receive spam, we will give some tips for avoiding spam when using the Internet . Permanently deleting spam is almost impossible, thanks to the fact that usually different accounts are used that we don't even know we need to block, but we can avoid certain aspects that serve to spam emails.

  1. Since some email addresses are constantly spamming us, we have to identify them and then block their emails and mark them as spam . In this way we will discard these addresses, making less and less spam we receive. Email services like Gmail implement these anti-spam measures.
  2. Many social networks offer options to keep a restricted profile, one example is Instagram which has a private profile. Thanks to this private profile, no user can send us messages and if he does so he will not be notified directly as if he made it public.
  3. We must avoid accepting any conditions on the internet, because sometimes we don't read the terms and conditions, accepting that some websites repeatedly send us emails . This would not be considered spam because we allow it, however, we do not want to receive bulk mail from a page we saw one day on the Internet.
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We hope you find these tips useful, applying them will reduce considerably the amount of spam , saving wasted time, giving better order and peace of mind to our inbox, and preventing us from being distracted by whatever activity we are doing at that moment.

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