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Many people around the world have started getting included in the YouTube trend; platform where you can upload different types of content . Within the platform, there is a large number of users, who have filled the spaces of this platform with hundreds of dynamics, videos and strategies, with which to attract more and more subscribers to their channels, and also to earn money for this medium. .

However, to grow within this platform , you need to have more than just great video making ideas, as there are several ways and methods within it to boost your numbers.

However, this path to fame within YouTube is fraught with hundreds of problems and difficulties, which may seem absurd to you. For this reason, some users have resorted to the " SubxSub ”In which a user talks to another and they agree to be able to follow.

While it may seem like a great idea to some users, this isn't an excellent long-term strategy, so within this post we want to explain in much more detail how this method works and why it's considered one of the least effective. all over the web.

Why is SubxSub a failed method?

Although this seems like a great way to grow your channel YouTube , this "tool" goes against the internal regulations of use and service that the platform offers to its users.

The main idea of ​​YouTube is that you find content and creators that you like and are worthy of you by subscribing to theirs channels . In short, this sub x sub strategy goes against any natural and company-approved use, as it would deviate from the form of use.

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Ideally, you should create your content and attract caution of people on your channel organically and don't bloat it with strategies that aim to create ghost subscribers. It is for this reason that we can see the channels, whose subscriber metrics reach 10.000 subscribers, but when searching for videos, we can see that their views often do not exceed 50 Reproductions .

In addition to everything that has already been commented on, it is possible that YouTube will you penalize or, in the worst case, you delete your channel, limit your visibility on the platform, etc.

Generate subscribers without using SubxSub?

While it sounds simple, the reality can be a little more difficult, as the basis of all of this is staying consistent within your networks and generating content that is focused on specific audiences.

Likewise, you can rely on interesting and colorful titles, which attract different audiences, to your publications and with which you also have the possibility to play in terms of emojis or the type of content you offer,

Another thing that will help you on your path to become great YouTuber is to create small but surprising descriptions of your video, like open mouth. This will give all of your users a great reason to follow you and why to keep viewing your content.

Likewise, these descriptions will help you rank your video in the top results offered by searches on Google . With all of these tips, you can do great things within yours Profile YouTube , without the need to resort to strategies that will only help you waste senseless time and energy.

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