What is the AppleCare Warranty, what is it for and what does it cover?

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There is no doubt that those of Apple think of everything their users might need. There, they offer all kinds of services to anyone who buys any of their products, making their life much easier. And one of those great services that Apple provides us with is AppleCare. If you want to know about what it is, what it is for and what the AppleCare warranty covers , don't worry, because we will show it to you below.

This way you will be able to enjoy much more of what your Apple devices offer. Also, this will allow you to keep them much safer , so you can use them with much more peace of mind.

      What is AppleCare?

      We all want to protect our electronic devices. And not just with an antivirus, but in a practical way that protects them from any accidents or problems they may have.

      This is what allows us to do AppleCare in a very simple way, as this service could be described as a warranty extension that effectively protects the life of all devices of this company that own it.

      Unlike other guarantees of this style, AppleCare is of much higher quality, as well as being really practical for those who buy Apple devices, as it allows you to enjoy the insurance they offer for much longer than the established time. No doubt , AppleCare it is one of the best services offered by Apple .

      What is AppleCare for?

      It goes without saying that everything this special company offers us is of excellent quality. That's why you might be interested in knowing what AppleCare is for. Well, in itself this service is not an insurance, but it extends the time of use, so that you can use your devices without fear for longer.

      Whether it's a small detail or maybe a more serious problem that prevents you from using your devices, this guarantee covers it at a reasonable price . Of course, an important point is that you need to purchase an AppleCare plan to get technical support.

      In addition, it should be noted that it is really cheap in the end, since the price of a repair with activated insurance can only be 20% of the full price. Although the initial price to obtain this guarantee may seem a bit high, it will be of great help when a problem arises with our Apple devices.

      What specifically does the AppleCare warranty cover?

      AppleCare offers a large number of benefits that could be of interest to anyone, as well as broadly cover the damage that your Apple device could have. To begin with, we must remember that this warranty only covers those damages that come from the factory.

      Even if it is dropped or internal damage, this warranty will not cover it if it was due to your carelessness. It also doesn't cover theft either, so it's good to have theft insurance from outside the Apple company for added security in this area.

      By itself, what AppleCare covers is the same as the original Apple product warranty, just for two years longer than normal. That's why it's gone, check your iPhone warranty for example, to find out if you can use the service. It also adds to the insurance service the possibility of receive telephone support to get the help you need.

      Another detail worth mentioning is that you don't need to bring the device to the store where you bought it. Instead, you just have to go to the nearest Apple Store or call a technician to come to your home and thus quickly repair the damaged device.

      Now, if you want your insurance under the AppleCare warranty to cover accidental damage, you can use AppleCare+. This is a service which covers damages of this nature and; While it is not available in all countries, we highly recommend it if you are interested in a comprehensive and safe guarantee.

      Also, please visit the official Apple Support page in the AppleCare products if you need more information. Of course, there are things you can do on your own, like fixing applications that don't update on your iPhone, for example.

      Protect ours electronic devices from possible harm they might have is extremely important today. That's why we hope that all this information will be very useful to you and that you can enjoy AppleCare without hesitation.

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