What is the best season of Fortnite? Ranking from worst to best season

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The Fortnite game has consolidated over the years and its popularity has soared to become the game of the year in 2018. This has spawned the launch of new seasons. , and each of them included novelties.

In this article we will explain which have been the best seasons of Fortnite based on additions that each season has brought with it and its positive and negative aspects.

What is the best season of Fortnite? Ranking from best to worst season

    Fortnite's worst seasons

    It is normal that among the worst seasons we find the first, since being the beginning of them, they lacked certain aspects. However, we will analyze what they have been the worst seasons of Fortnite and why.

    1 season

    If we compare it to the new seasons that have been added to Fortnite, Season 1 has practically nothing and hasn't shown anything really new. Despite this, being the first, we understand the lack of content.

    10 season

    Season 10 was undoubtedly one of worst and most criticized by users ; however, this doesn't have the defensive argument of being early seasons.

    He was undoubtedly the one that received the most publicity but disappointed with the additions he added to the game. Among these, stand out that Ciudad Comercio was full of zombies, being one of the worst implementations made by Epic Games.

    On the other hand, fight with a BRUTUS it was the worst. The two-seater vehicle was one of the most unbalanced elements of the games, as it allowed players to dominate the game while the chances of being eliminated were greatly diminished.

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    9 season

    This season may be somewhere in between, but a lot of people didn't like it very much, and many have stopped playing for this season as well.

    One of the mistakes he made this season was the elimination of very iconic places from the map, like Tilted towers and the shopping center, since they were one of the places where there was more competitiveness.

    However, this season was saved by all the new content available. In fact, season 9 is where they rolled out the most weapons, where they introduced around 10 new weapons.

    7 season

    This season cannot be considered completely negative, as it has had the consent of many users; however, there were implementations that totally unbalanced the games.

    The sword of infinity and the plane were two of the more unbalanced objects that made unbalanced this season, since the plane took too many hits and could easily destroy structures, while the person with the sword of infinity was very difficult to eliminate.

    6 season

    Season XNUMX really passed without pain or glory. It was neither bad nor good, it had interesting content for some and could be enjoyed by many users, but it didn't implement anything really relevant to classify it as good.

    The best seasons of Fortnite

    8 season

    Reboot Vans were added with Season 8 which allowed you to revive eliminated teammates. Other elements too, like and pirates, they were welcomed by the community.

    4 season

    It was very interesting for its incorporations. Although the introduction of a jetpack was not well understood, it was much appreciated later on.

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    In the same way, the shopping carts were very useful for mobility and the Gorillas were well received. Despite this, the shotgun was a bit of an off-balance weapon, but overall it was a good season.

    2 season

    A very popular season because the Battle Pass was introduced in it. The Battle Pass has given many players the opportunity to earn Battle Stars and level up to purchase cosmetic rewards.

    There were also challenges a great addition for gamers they wanted to vary a bit. This season has been extremely successful as the construction has been perfected during it.

    3 season

    Without a doubt the best season of Fortnite. With this season, Fortnite has reached its peak of popularity, which has caused millions of streamers to start playing, increasing the rise of the game.

    Also, with the fantastic battle passage that was there, the season 3 has become the best time to play Battle Royale.

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