What is the difference between public relations and advertising strategy plans? (Example)

If you're not in the marketing world, you might find it confusing to distinguish what the difference is between public relations and advertising strategy plans. But today you will solve all doubts on this topic.

All companies and institutions are involved in both public relations and advertising. Both are closely related the use of social networks and other means of communication; but everyone is looking for a different goal.

What is the difference between public relations and advertising strategy plans?

What are the strategic plans for public relations?

We can define public relations as a set of actions, which defines an organization, company or institution with the aim of always maintaining a positive image in front of public opinion in general; that is, try to build a positive reputation in the world.

The good image of a company or institution è always the basis for generating trust in all people both inside and outside its facilities. This makes the business thrive, as people will be willing to try your products or services.

The economy is built on trust , if people distrust or have a bad image of a product, service or institution. You will reject any advertising message or proposal you receive about a product or service.

Strategic public relations plans use different means of communication, such as social networks, blog articles, press forums, social events, among others; since its goal is convey the different activities of the company .

An example of these activities can be a charity event, which seek attention and coverage of the main mass media; with the intention that the good image that this event transmits reaches as many people as possible.

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What is advertising and what is it for?

Advertising is a type of communication of a commercial nature, whose aim is to convince the masses to buy a product or contract a service offered by the company that sponsors it. As it is logical to think, the purpose of advertising is to increase the sales of a company.

There are numerous ways in which an advertisement is broadcast. Due to its immediacy, many companies are inclined to advertise on social networks; without neglecting the more traditional means of communication such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, posters, billboards and other printed publications.

The type of message and how it is made known to the public it is previously studied by the company ; as it defines your marketing strategies. The same happens with public relations, but with the aim of creating public acceptance and loyalty towards the company; hence the importance of developing a marketing strategy plan.

What is the difference between public relations and advertising strategy plans?

The main difference between public relations and advertising strategies is that the former it is managed internally by the company, using the information it deems relevant to convey and maintain its good image.

In the case of public relations are normally used mezzi within reach at the hands of the company; without having to pay additional money for its use. Such as social media, press conferences, interviews with reporters, etc.

Advertising on the other hand has several advertising space that must be paid for , to an advertising agency. And its purpose is focused on increasing the sale of the company's product or service. Although it is currently possible to advertise on Instagram for free or advertise on Facebook for free.

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With this, we already have a distinct difference, between public relations and advertising. Now you can define a suitable strategic plan for each of these areas; maintain the prestige of your company and sell your products or services.

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