What is the UMTS, 3G network? What is it for and how does it work? Advantages and disadvantages

Maybe when listen to UMTS it is not familiar to you as it is very well known as 3G network , so later we'll show what it is. In addition, we will explain what it is for, what its advantages and disadvantages are, knowing these aspects in detail helps us to understand mobile connections.

What is the UMTS, 3G network?

It is a universal mobile communication technology system, known by its acronym in English UMTS, and has replaced la rete GSM a cause of progress. Its features allow many users to gain access to the network, as two network structures are combined, while one transmits the other manages.

This system provides its users with various advanced services, even the network service appears on your mobile screen with other symbols. This network system has given the company the opportunity to advance in the development of communications, even if it is remote.

Components of a UMTS structure

To get all that this mobile network system offers, it must have the following structure components.

  1. A fast access network, for its acronym UTRAN.
  2. Main network.
  3. Mobile terminals of the EU.

Obviously we will not focus on the electronic explanation of this structure, it is just the data to understand what the communication gets.

What is the UMTS network for and how does it work?

This digital system helps us to maintain that daily communication without limits , like the ones we had many years ago with other systems. Here are the functions that UMTS offers us with a structure that allows voice and multimedia communication at the same time.

  • Practical use of its services, which makes it suitable for the massive consumption of it.
  • Affordable or package commission.
  • Ease of connection : Through multiple interfaces and respecting the data transport procedures, it is possible to maintain a simultaneous connection quality.
  • It supports up to 2 Mbps.
  • Connect to the Internet.
  • Combination of GSM data transmission and high speed circuits.
  • Multimedia data service.
  • Virtual payment instrument.
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We can say that the UMTS network system has given innovative efficiency above the others, exponentially expanding their services with excellent capacity and coverage.

Advantages of the UMTS network

In this section you will see what makes the UMTS or 3G network superior to previous systems, you will see the great technological advantages it has brought.

  1. It is dynamic: a multi-tiered service that allows for quick and centralized deployment.
  2. Speed top a 2G.
  3. Good voice transmission.
  4. Quality and trust.
  5. Download the packages, called mobile data, which you can activate and deactivate to save on consumption.
  6. Secure network authentication.
  7. Broadband .
  8. Use the best quality images available in 3G.
  9. Access any website with excellent coverage.
  10. You can log into your inbox from your mobile
  11. By taking a good photo, you not only save it on your mobile, but you can also share it.
  12. Download videos and send the ones they make with your mobile phone over the Internet.
  13. In case of problems, it has remote technical support.

Disadvantages of the UMTS network

While this network is still useful, the technology is advancing rapidly bringing with it several disadvantages to the UMTS network, here are a few.

  • The cost of the structure together with his maintenance generates a high cost .
  • It is limited in terms of developing another improved network system, such as 4G which is different from 3G.
  • Less coverage less likely to move data.
  • Not available in all places, as there are areas there are no signal repeater antennas.
  • Devices that generally use this network system are a bit expensive.
  • Not having precision in data consumption.
  • Not all device models using this system work the same with different packages.
  • As technology has advanced, it is not compatible with newer devices on the market.
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There are mobile devices that have a communication network like 4G or 5G and this UMTS system left a little behind. However, her contribution to society has been enormous, thanks to her we were able to connect to the internet from our mobile phones.

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