What is the Viber App and how it works, advantages and disadvantages of using it

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All applications that refer to communication have grown over time. This is the case with the Viber App, so it's important to know about what is it and how works. Including its advantages and disadvantages when using it. Viber is available for a variety of devices. You can have peace of mind using it on both a 3G network and a WiFi network.

What is the Viber app and how does it work, advantages and disadvantages of using it

It is one of the best applications to make free calls without balance and even enjoy free text messages . As long as both users, both the sender and the recipient have installed Viber app on their devices.

Initially I launch its functions directly for the iOS and iPhone platform. But since it's all about moving forward, it has already launched its functions on the Android platform. And subsequently was expanding its scope of work for other platforms , thus offering voice messages in high definition.

Currently you also have the video calling service, just like making video calls on Instagram from your PC or Mobile , and the possibility of send and receive images and audio files.

You also have the freedom to work with it in 16 languages, and with this its usage becomes more widespread around the world. We can't put aside the use of chat for more than two people. As you can see, it's quite a versatile platform.


    Some benefits of Viber app while using it

    You should know what kind of benefits you will be able to enjoy by using the Viber app. First we could say that it is a fairly complete platform and more in reference to instant messaging. Lets you know the last time other users have been connected , as well as online and last seen on WhatsApp.

    It is completely free and you can send documents and various multimedia files such as photos, audio and video. And you can send text messages between all users who have this App installed, they can also benefit from voice calls.

    In the event that the App is not operational, users who own it can take advantage of the messages. The number of languages ​​that the interface presents is large, handles 16 languages. And something very good is that you can recover photos that you have previously deleted even by mistake.

    You have two other points in your favor, that is to set up group chats with more than 100 participants and the other is to be invisible when others look at your chat. This gives you the freedom to use the system without being liable to others you may not want to know you are online.

    Some disadvantages of using Viber app

    For some users there will be some things which are not helpful or some disadvantages when using Viber app. Something that strikes many users is the battery consumption it generates on devices with the Android operating system.

    The App consumes the battery of your Android device a lot because it has to keep the WiFi active continuously even if you deactivate it manually.

    There are two things you will not be able to send through the platform and they are contacts and music audio files , things that are needed by many.

    Something that many times due to the daily routine you need to do is mute all notifications, which you won't be able to do through the Viber app.

    To take advantage of it, the use of a SIM card is essential and the WiFi must be constantly intact and fluid as this will guarantee an excellent call service.

    To enable the use of the App you must have a startup code. You will not be able to store your messages in the cloud, they are stored on the device. But even so, the Viber app has proven over time that it has been and will continue to be very useful to the millions of users who use its Viber platform.

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