What is the X button in HouseParty for? That does?

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HouseParty promises to entertain us, has positioned itself as the most downloaded app in recent weeks because it allows us to play and share with more than one person at the same time through the screen and be in touch with those we love, especially in this time of confinement. It has other incredible tools that you can't lose. Well, today you will learn how to download this fabulous social network, how to use it and what the X button in HouseParty is for and what it does.

What is the X button for in HouseParty - What is it for

      How do I get HouseParty on my mobile?

      Well, you can get it easily and quickly by downloading the app for free ; you will definitely love this platform; so let's see the simple step by step to download it.

        How can I make a group video call on HouseParty?

        To make a group video call in HouseParty you just have to slide the app screen and a small video camera will appear at the top and press there; it's ready! You will have access to video calls

        Now, to add more people, you just need to hit option + at the top and enter the name of the person or people you want to include. This way you will have one group video call .

        Something rather peculiar to the app is that anyone who wants join the video call can. But if you just want to make a private group video call, you have to press the padlock that appears at the bottom. There the "private room" option will be activated.

        What is the X button in HouseParty for?

        This button is used to interrupt the call or the corresponding video call; and you will get it at the bottom of the screen then you will finish it.

        What other options will you have at HouseParty?

        This multifunctional application gives you an option fun extras:

        • Games: you can communicate with whoever you want and in moments of boredom or lack of motivation you can invite your friends to play . How? Well, you have to select the dice option that appears at the top; there you will find fun options like card game, guess the word and guess the drawing.
        • Don't wait any longer, make best friends in HouseParty and start a game, it will be a fun experience.
        • Text messages: at the top of the screen when you slide it you will find an airplane icon ; you need to press it and the message screen will automatically open. Another option is to search for the desired contact, press ("Pass a note") and send the desired message.

        HouseParty is an extremely important application in these times and with a lot of quality provided to the users. It's unique and fun, hopefully if you haven't installed it may you experience the ultimate enjoyment comfortably from your home. Don't wait any longer and leave us your opinion about this fabulous platform in the comments.

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