What is Uber Black and what types of cars are they, everything you need to know

Uber is a private taxi service platform. It has become the favorite of users for its convenience and ease of requesting the service, not to mention that as regards the rates it is really cheaper than others. For this reason, you have also heard comments about Uber Black that spark curiosity about what it is and about types of cars they are .

But right now you will not only know this information, but also existing Uber editions, so that the experience serving this platform is the best you can have .

What is Uber Black and what types of cars are they, everything you need to know

There are nine types of services provided by Uber, for each of them we get different types of cars and they also have different meaning as well as different characteristics from the others. To provide the service a number of key requirements must be met to provide the service in any of these classifications.


    Uber requirements to enroll a car with Uber

    First of all, you need to register and meet the requirements that a car must have in order to service Uber Black, which are as follows:

    • Cars must be of a new model and no older than 10 years.
    • They should always have four doors.
    • Having a double airbags to improve customer safety as well as having air conditioning.
    • The patent that is required as a requirement of the car must be white.
    • You must have all the legal documents and permit of circulation in force.

    To join Uber as a driving partner , you also have to take an exam with very specific qualities, to be part of this great team. When the results arrive, you will be able to know whether or not you belong to the platform as an Uber driver.

    What is Uber Black and what kind of cars are they?

    As mentioned above, one of the classifications that the platform has is that of having the Uber Black service. But what is Uber Black and what kind of cars are they? It's something very high and for the people they are really picky with their tastes, While it's not the cheapest service, it's high end, compared to their type of car.

    The types of vehicles available to this service refer to those that have a maximum security system. Among them the most basic such as seat belts, airbags and also in the back seats, the car must be four-door, must have a high-tech air conditioning system and luxury seats.

    In this kind of car we can also see a maximum technology that can be had, probably the rear seats include screens. They are usually cars of the last year or so, they are ideally quite flashy for high-ranking executives.

    But we also have another qualification that the Uber platform brings to put some peculiar characteristics on the different cars, they can be:


    A service that has the possibility that up to 6 people can travel. They are cars spacious , so they must have at least 6 seats. Of course, they also have a security system.

    uber suv

    It is very similar to the black Uber service, the difference is that these are cars that fit the spatial characteristics of Uber x but with the necessary luxury. It is necessary that i seats or upholstery are in leather.

    UberX VIP

    This service meets the specifications of Uber x, however, they are only accepted drivers who have high enough ratings , better than the platform.

    They will guarantee this, every qualification they receive when they leave a passenger and this has left good advice and comments. They also include Ubers who have made the most trips, so that means theirs service is VIP and they are one of the best on the platform.

    These are the ratings of the Uber platform itself but which has services used for every type of customer. This list would lack realities such as Uber Kids, for people traveling with children we will also have Uber assist for people with mobility issues , uber bike which brings a system to be able to place or load at least 3 bikes in the car and finally uberWAV for people who have to transport medical equipment such as wheelchairs.

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