What is Uber X, XL, SUV and Black and what are the differences, prices and capacities

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Do you want to order a car to go on a trip and don't know which is the best option? Good , Uber has various categories such as Uber X, XL, SUV and Black that adapt to your needs.

Uber is recognized as the leading company in the private transport market and all this is due to the quality of the service it offers. It has more categories than yes adapt to the needs of each customer and use a different car for every occasion.

What is Uber X, XL, SUV and Black and what are the differences, prices and capacities

      Cos'è Uber X, XL, SUV e Black?


      This is the basic category of Uber and it's the minimum standard of car it has. Most are of the four-door sedan type and have a maximum capacity of 4 people plus the driver.

      The best thing about this category is that it is very cheap and they are quite common in all cities. The downside is that it can be a small vehicle if you want to move a large group.

      Uber XL

      It is the improved version of Uber X and is a category for traveling comfortably and at an affordable price. It is possible to carry up to 6 people or carry luggage such as a market or boxes. SUVs or minivans with plenty of space are often used.

      The advantage of using Uber XL vehicles is that all the seats are equipped with belts safety . Also you can automatically split the travel fare with your friends.

      Uber SUV

      It is a category very similar to Uber XL, that is, it allows to carry up to 6 people , but with the difference that they are luxury cars. They are dark colored trucks with leather seats.

      Ideal for use in corporate events with a premium service. However, compared to other categories, Uber SUV can be more expensive.

      Uber NERO

      It offers the opportunity to travel around the city in style . They are dark colored vehicles with a maximum capacity of 4 people.

      They are luxury cars with high quality standards with leather or vinyl seats, even the chauffeur can dress for a special occasion. It is a more expensive version of Uber X.

      Other categories of Uber

      Depending on the city you're in, you can find a variety of options for traveling with Uber.

      pool uber

      It is the ideal category for travel at the lowest price . You can share the car with other passengers traveling in the same area as you.

      Usa Uber Pool per save money on every trip, this option is for you. However, it's not the most suitable if you're in a hurry as the driver will go out of his way to drop off each passenger at their destination.

      uber vip

      Uber VIP status is only available for app users VIP and for VIP guide partners. It will show available if you are a driver with excellent ratings or if you are a frequent user during the month.

      Uber ASSIST

      Analysis for people with reduced mobility or who need assistance. Driving buddies are also trained to assist people.

      It is also ideal for the elderly or pregnant women. Above all, it meets all safety requirements for travel.

      Uber KIDS

      Traveling with children can be tricky which is why Uber has a category for parents traveling with children under the age of 9. The cars are equipped of seats for children and all safety tools.


      It is very similar to Uber ASSIST as it is a category that is aimed at people with reduced mobility. The advantage of Uber WAV is that cars are designed for the wheelchair transport or other objects of mobility.

      Uber BIKE

      Thinking about the users who love to carry your bike everywhere . Uber Bici has a bike rack that allows you to carry up to 3 bikes on a trip.

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