What it is and how to ENABLE Classic WordArt in Word (example) - See how it's done

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In this article we will see step by step how to enable the Classic WordArt in Word to be able to use it and create interesting projects with this tool. Learn all about this amazing tool.

What is it and how to ENABLE Classic WordArt in Word

      What is Classic WordArt in Word?

      It's a tool within Word that helps us create text projects in 3D format already predefined by the program. They are attractive for presentations, projects where visuals matter. There are other alternatives if you don't have the version of Word for create or create texts with a 3D effect using Corel Photo Paint quickly and easily to create our designs.

      Its best designs have been found in versions prior to Word , in current versions have already required the design and have become more "common".

      That's why in this tutorial you will learn how to enable it in recent versions to enjoy those amazing and well-defined designs that we have seen in previous versions and translate them into your projects.

      How to enable WordArt in Word?

        In this way we can access the classic panel WordArt of previous versions also in Windows 10 and others.

        How to use WordArt?

          Changes within WordArt

          • In the editing panel that appears after we create our text with the style WordArt , we can change the style if we don't like it.
          • Resize, add another background color to our text.
          • Change the direction of our text without changing the style, we can see waves, images stretched up, down, blurry and much more.
          • 3D effects of different shapes and directions, more stretched, more centered, up or down.
          • Switch positions within the same blank sheet to give your project the best finish
          • We can also play with the text tool that allows us to send this styled text behind or in front of a text.
          • And finally, after preparing your design, you can insert WordArt text into Microsoft PowerPoint in case you need to pass it to this program.

          Other programs where we can make 3D modeling is Photoshop, where you can easily create a 3D effect on text.

          In this way we access a tool well known and forgotten by many users who can no longer enjoy it in the current versions of Word .

          This step by step will teach you how to enable and the strengths of its use, create styles and designs to enhance your projects, texts and presentations not only within this program but you can also use your 3D designs that you have developed in WordArt in Microsoft Publisher and get the most out of your tools.

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