What Mega or Internet speeds do I need to watch Netflix on my TV or mobile phone?

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La Internet speed to enjoy Netflix on TV or mobile it is essential to be able to reproduce any type of content. Watching content, only on television, has gone down in history.

There are many devices where you can play any kind of content, it is no longer necessary do it on a TV . Devices such as: phones, tablets, computers and others, can be used to watch videos, series and movies.

However, you should be interested in speeding up the internet as much as possible, since you need to have a very fast internet connection to enjoy services like Netflix and others.

    How to know the speed of the Internet or the mega hired

    Internet speed required by resolutions

    La Internet speed to enjoy Netflix on a TV or mobile phone it is very important, because the content cannot be played without it, unless it comes from a normal TV without an Internet connection. However, there are ways to connect a TV to the Internet if it doesn't have the feature.

    Series, movies, videos and other content need an internet with an acceptable speed, it all depends on where they are played, if it is on a smartphone keep in mind that the contracted plan must be at least 5 'GB'.

    Yes, let's not exaggerate, as playing high-quality videos, such as those from Netflix, consumes a lot of network resources , especially when it happens via a data packet.

    If, on the other hand, Netflix contents are enjoyed on a TV, you must keep in mind that the speed of the internet must be at least 3 'Mbps' , and of course you need to know the resolution type of the content on your TV or Netflix. The better the image quality, the higher the Internet consumption.

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    Can you watch Netflix at 256kbps speed?

    Advantages of connecting other devices to the TV to enjoy any content

    The speed of the internet to use Netflix on a TV or mobile phone is essential. Modern TVs instead they offer the possibility to connect to the internet and, above all, to connect devices to them, both to project screens and to share files.

    These awesome features allow us to improve the user experience , to the point where you don't even have to use your TV remote, yes you are reading this right, there are ways that allow you to use an android phone as a remote on your tv.

    However, there is also the advantage of connecting other types of smartphones and using them as a remote control. They also offer the possibility of connect tablets, computers, cameras and other devices to project screens.

    These functions can be performed wirelessly or via cables, such as: 'HDMI' , but it is more convenient to do it without the need to use cables, as it is less tedious.

    However, it all depends on the functions of the equipment you have at hand, as some have some connection restrictions , but most have these features, very few are missing.

    How to easily project my computer screen to TV?

    La Internet speed to use Netflix on TV or cell phone is one of the most performed actions by users. Like trying to connect a computer to a TV, especially if it is a "Smart TV", this allows for better viewing of the contents.

    To connect a computer to a television, you need to consider whether you want to do it via an 'HDMI' cable or via a 'VGA' connection. Although it is recommended to do it with the 'HDMI' cable as it provides high definition images and audio output.

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    If you have chosen to do this via "HDMI", look for the cable and connect one end to your computer and the other end to the "TV", then go to the TV settings and choose the "HDMI" option and that's it with everything you are viewing and listening to on your computer, it will be duplicated on your 'TV'.

    On the other hand, there are occasions when the "TV" ha alone a "VGA" connection, which is a very old video output and without the ability to provide an audio output, if you use this type of connection, you should look for the horns to enjoy content.

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