What other companies like Glovo bring me to eat?

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Delivery companies are becoming popular every day because people prefer it order food from the comfort of your home and be able to share it with friends, family or partners while they are doing an activity such as playing video games or board games or enjoying a good movie.

What other companies like Glovo bring me to eat?

In these times of quarantine, where you have to avoid leaving the house, it is wonderful to meet companies that can bring us food. Glovo is one of the most important delivery companies in the world.

The well-known company has branches in different countries around the world and each of them has its own couriers who are willing to take your order, go to the food establishment and have it delivered to your home.

However, Glovo doesn't just stand out as a delivery company. If you are looking for alternatives, in the following article we will mention what other companies there are like Glovo that can bring food to your home.

    Uber eats

    The well-known taxi service company has now joined the boom in food deliveries. In its catalog there are a large number of restaurants and fast food chains, among which we can highlight Subway, Papa John's and many others.

    Best of all, it offers several payment methods to make your life easier. We can pay by debit or credit card and also Paypal.

    It's easy to order food on Uber Eats. Enough enter the app and search for the restaurant of your choice, request the order and voila. In a few minutes you will have your food at your door. It should be noted that you can see the path of your order in real time.

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    This Colombian company is dedicated to sending orders by bicycle. It has branches in countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Rappi is associated with most restaurants that don't offer delivery service, so you can order whatever provokes you.

    Furthermore, Rappi offers discount coupons to encourage its users to use the application. Also, from time to time, Rappi bids on its services, the which makes it a very attractive alternative for users.

    Best of all, you can't just order food, as with Rappi you can order anything from products and food, to medicines and first aid.


    Another of the best known and most used applications in the food delivery sector. Its geolocation feature allows you to find associated restaurants close to your location that will guarantee you a delivery in a period of time not exceeding 30 minutes.

    Like Rappi, with Deliveroo you can follow the progress of your order in real time. As for the means of payment, you can do it with one letter or process Google Pay.

    Just eat

    This is a great alternative to Glovo as it is dedicated solely to the food delivery service and has more than in its catalog 9000 associated restaurants , so the presence of several is guaranteed no matter where you are.

    Among the different types of restaurants and foods you can find establishments Chinese food, hamburger, sushi, Italian, Mexican food and a long one etc.

    Just Eat, along with Glovo, is the most used food delivery app in Spain thanks to the good service it offers and payment services, including payment in cash, by card or via Paypal.

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    Another good alternative not only to order food but also any type of product that ranges from medicines and pharmacy products, to pet food and related products.

    Its main feature is the ability to order anything and the speed of delivery of products, where you can see the path of your order in real time.

    To place an order you just need to log in to the app, select the place , add your products to the cart and then give your home address.


    The most important fast food chain in the world has its own app that indicates its product catalog and multiple offers and we can request delivery via the option.

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