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If you are a Chinese mobile user or owner, you have most likely had connection problems. In this section, we will tell you what can you do when your chinese mobile won't connect to Wi-Fi . In the world of smartphones every time we will come across a great variety of these mobile phones. So it will be very useful to know this information.

    Information on Chinese cell phones

    It is good that you consider that they have become very popular in stores , they have even dominated the technology market across all sectors, thanks to their low cost ratio. Of these devices, it can be noted that their purchase cost is relatively low compared to mobile phones from other brands, even high-end smartphones.

    They have managed to attract attention for their striking and well-equipped models in relation to their storage space. As for the software, they have the compatibility to download the most popular applications, without problems, such as WhatsApp.

    However, one of the negative points that many users have noticed is the Wi-Fi issue. They tend to easily disconnect the signal from the network. And this is where we will help you. What can you do when your chinese cellphone does not connect to Wi-Fi? We offer you several alternatives.

    Option 1. Steps to connect to Wi-Fi

    • The Chinese mobile must have the Android operating system to solve the connection problem. In the group of icons locate "settings" e premilo.
    • Go to "internet connections" .
    • Multiple lines will be reflected. In the Wi-Fi section you will notice the name of the network you want to access. Click the row for "Wireless" . And then to the "network name".
    • You will find 2 buttons, press what it says "forget" . And you will repeat this step as many times as there are networks available.
    • Subsequently restart the mobile phone.
    • Once you turn your mobile back on, go to the icon "settings" , Then "network connections" and finally "Wireless" . In this step, the mobile phone will start to reconnect or recreate the network connection it had previously.
    • Up to this point it should work. However, if the problem persists, here is another method. You have to apply a reset in the networks. It is a way to force re-establish new connections.
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    Option 2. Steps to reset the network

    • First go to the main screen. And go to "Settings".
    • Awards "Internet Connections". Touch the 3 stitches on the right side.
    • A message will be displayed: "Reset Network Settings" . Pressing it will reset Wi-Fi networks, mobile data and Bluetooth. Let's touch the "Reset settings" button .
    • Finally, you go back until you get to the option "wifi".
    • Try again to connect to the network you were connected to. A new connection will start forming without errors.

    However, as these are Chinese mobiles, they tend to be unpredictable in the expected results. But do not worry! We have another almost foolproof alternative and explained in a simple way.

    Option 3. Steps to get a Wi-Fi connection

    • Back to the icon "Settings".
    • And then to the section "Wireless" . Select the signal you want to access (you must first have its password). Keep your finger pressed without releasing. And when the window with 2 options pops up, tap "change network" .
    • A window with the details of the network data is displayed. Scroll down and turn on the "Show advanced options" option.
    • Then hit the part that says DHCP . There are a lot of things you get on this line by changing the IP address. When the message is revealed, you activate the item "static" . At the same time it will show more options.
    • In the part "IPv4 address" there is a series of numbers that we will change. To do this, press the numbers and a keyboard immediately appears.
    • The number you will change will consist of last 2 digits . Example: if the string was , the new string will be . And press "save" .

    When you save you almost immediately notice that it connects to the network . This is because the old number ending in 128 appears to be incompatible with the connection. And that is why the problem occurs very often. You can try 60 or 70. We hope you tell us about your experience in repairing your cell phone.

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    Do I need to update my mobile to identify the network?

    a software problem may be the cause of Wifi failures and in networks. Effectively updating Android software can help, so if you see that your mobile has an update, don't ignore it and install it, network identification errors may be resolved this way.

    Does your mobile recognize WiFi but won't connect? Solution

    Sometimes the mobile phone cannot connect to a network because it has problems, è also possible that access to new users is blocked . On the other hand, it is recommended to disable Internet sharing options, some users indicate that having them enabled makes it impossible to connect to a network.

    My mobile does not detect my WiFi network but others do. What to do?

    The most likely cause is that the your network has a configuration problem . First, check with another mobile phone or device if the network appears and you can connect. In turn, it is advisable to configure the router again to resolve any errors in the network.

    How to fix problems with your WiFi network

    In addition to everything shown, there are other things to do if your Chinese mobile is not connecting to WiFi. Don't worry, I am basic precautions but you shouldn't put them aside if you have problems with the cellular network.

    Reset your modem or router

    Modems and routers are meant to be used for many hours at a time, but sometimes this leads to problems. In fact, if your mobile phone does not connect to Wifi, a simple restart of the Modem and the Router could solve the problem.

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    Restart your mobile

    A simple restart of the mobile could be the solution if your Chinese mobile does not connect to Wifi. Sometimes it is a temporary problem which is solved by closing everything and turning off the phone is the fastest and most effective way to do it.

    Forget the WiFI network

    It is one of the simpler solutions, but forgetting the network usually works . Just go to the Wi-Fi configuration of the mobile phone, observe the available networks and press for a few seconds on the one with the problem. After the above, the "Forget Network" option will appear, click on it and enter your password again to connect.

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