What to ask when buying an apartment or house for the first time? (Example)

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If you want to rent a house or an apartment, or rather your desire is to buy one of these properties, know that you have to ask many questions. These questions should be asked in order to acquire a home that suits your tastes, budget and general needs. If you don't know what questions to ask, stay with us and let's see together What to ask when buying an apartment or house for the first time?

What to ask when buying an apartment or house for the first time?

What to ask when buying an apartment for the first time?

Information about your location and surroundings

  • In which neighborhood is the property located? : This question is important, because living in a nice and comfortable apartment or house is fine, but it's not even in an insecure neighborhood, it may not be for you. You can visit the area where it is located and ask the neighbors how quiet the place is, walk around and drive around it and you can also look at how your neighbors are.
  • You have public services available on site? : Although most of the properties or properties are equipped with basic services such as electricity, gas, free internet and water, it is worth asking the seller if the apartment or house you like already has basic services or you need run process to get them.
  • In addition, you can also take advantage and ask about hospitals, fire stations, schools, subway stations and other public services that you may need.

  • Are there private services nearby? : You should also ask about the availability of private services in the area such as cinemas, private hospitals, supermarkets, banks, private schools, pharmacies, etc.
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General questions about the building

  • Do you have common spaces? : The vast majority of buildings or neighborhoods have common spaces such as party rooms, terraces, gardens, parks and the like that must be shared by all who live in the building. Ask if the building where you want to buy the property has these spaces and ask immediately for the rules and dynamics of use of these spaces and if you have to team up with the neighbors to keep them.
  • How old is the building? : It is important because if the building is very old, the infrastructure is in danger of deteriorating when you arrive (if the building is no longer deteriorated) and you have to spend a lot of money to repair the apartment, which can be really stressful.
  • So you need to make sure you find out if the building has passed the ITE and IEE, which are checks that look at the health of a building older than 45 years, where the status of various aspects of those properties is analyzed.
  • ¿ What is the security system? - Safety is very important, so do not ignore or underestimate this aspect and ask where are the emergency exits, fire alarms, evacuation routes, meeting places in case of emergency, etc.

General questions about ownership, administrative and legal aspects

  • How are the rooms distributed ?: This is an extremely important question to know if the place will fit what you need, so ask about the distribution of rooms such as living room, laundry room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, among others.
  • What are the dimensions of the property? : It is important that you ask the seller for the built meters of the apartment or house but also the useful meters of it. These useful meters are nothing more than the meters of the property that you can walk on with your feet, which excludes places like ventilation ducts and the like.
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  • Are there any rules within the building or neighborhood? If you want to avoid problems with the other tenants in the building or with the neighbors close to the house, it is best that you ask if there is a regulation you need to follow and if it is done, make sure you have a copy and review the rules for see if it feels right to move there and live peacefully.
  • How is the state of the plumbing and electrical system?: It is It is essential to ask about the status of these services in the property, otherwise this could mean a future expense in technicians and repairs.
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