What to do if I have no signal or network coverage on my mobile phone?

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It is a big concern when we realize that we do not have network coverage on the mobile , but let's not complicate ourselves, there is a wide range of recommendations and occupations that we can put into practice thus lowering the pressure of our worry and it can also be said that our bad mood may change as we continue to What to do with the situation?

A good deed in principle if you are at home is check your internet connection and prepare to restart the mode or router and wifi available at that moment.

Turn off the mobile phone and remove the SIM at the same time , wait some time and then insert it and turn on the mobile phone. Consider calling to see if I'm back on the net.

    Why is my phone saying the network is unavailable?

    Most common solutions for lack of signal on your device

    Restart your device

    Change your Wi-Fi calling preference to cellular or cellular only

    How to report a position without service to your company

    No cell phone signal during the construction site?

    Undoubtedly it is important to have coverage at home, even more essential, to work more with the fact of having to communicate with any company, if you work in a company or an office and even more so in any business you have, to be in degree to advertise.

    For this reason, for get mobile coverage, whether it is an Android or any other equipment, you need to be aware or define exactly whether the problem is the signal or the cellphone to prepare to fix it.

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    In the company where you work you could restart your mobile to check if it connects right away to the network or if the problem is the data if not go to the office that manages the network in that field of work.

    Another option we can take is to change the 4G mobile network to 3G or 2G, taking into account 2G for voice calls and 3G and 4G for data. If it does not work, reactivate 4G.

    Airplane mode on my mobile

    Knowing even more about what to do in the event of a signal loss would help us get your mobile phone up and running without too much cost and worry. This step would be airplane mode which is like restarting it, turning it on and off, indicated it activates for a short while and then deactivates.

    We have to take into account one time set the flight mode , we must be aware to do it quickly and not leave the mobile for a long time in this way since in the airplane mode the mobile is turned off and therefore we will not have a good result when using this mode to help us in the desired coverage.

    There are cell phones that due to their constant and multiple use they could surely have the SIM card in bad condition , this would block or prevent good signal reception, the best thing would be to check with another mobile phone by inserting our card and if not go to an operator or a technician to check that card.

    Space where we are using the cellphone

    It may happen that a depending on the place or area you are in, you may have some complications due to the few generating waves of the network, whether at home, at work, at the gym, at the supermarket or walking the same street in short, you should just wait and find the right place to get coverage.

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    You need to determine if you are the only one having this type of problem or there are multiple people in the same area with this difficulty for seek a solution on both sides , or it could be that the signal received by the company charging in that place is not arriving correctly.

    If you always have to move around and look for coverage then it would be better to check which companies offer us a good service in terms of networks, another option would be to have two SIMs from different operators available or if you go in a vehicle they use existing amplifiers. in the mobile signal market for them.

    If necessary to detect the signal level, we would use some applications in the same way, among them we have Open Signal Android o IOS , this is easy to manage, free, giving us quite detailed information indicating the location of the antenna connected to the device.

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