What to do if I never receive the WhatsApp verification code?

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Activating an account on WhatsApp requires the output of a series of characters sent to a telephone number. But what to do when the WhatsApp verification code never reaches me? While the picture looks complicated, don't despair, as there are some valid tricks to continue with the process when such cases occur.

The validity of a telephone number is required as a security measure for instant messaging application. They consist of six numeric digits that can be sent via SMS or call. Although these cases are very few, some users have reported that they have encountered some problems in obtaining the code.

WhatsApp is the leader in instant messaging, preferred by millions of users for its many advantages, this application gives you the possibility to have WhatsApp on two mobiles with the same number.

    Is the code automatic?

    The answer is yes, the verification codes in WhatsApp are generated automatically. Except that its validity is temporary and only for a single occasion, therefore it is valid for 24 hours . It cannot be received by another person, meaning that neither the phone number nor the code should be received by another person.

    Attention! What should I do if I never receive the WhatsApp verification code?

    This application is a leader in communication thanks to the wide variety of tools and structures it offers, one of the advantages that not many users know about is the possibility of using two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone.

    Like any other procedure in the application, they are based on a few simple steps, including:

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    Check that the phone number is correct

    The first thing to do if the WhatsApp verification code never reaches me is to verify that the number is correct. Many people, after complaining, realized that there is an error in the numbering.

    One of the most frequent errors occurs in the international format, which means that the amount must be entered in the country number preceded by the + sign. You don't need to add extra zeros to the number, for example: +584246510507, but not +5804246510507.

    Make sure your SIM card is active

    Another method in case I never get the WhatsApp verification code is to check that the SIM card is active. For the information to arrive, the phone must signal its presence and have a signal. If you are using a prepaid card, the ideal is that the device has balance or enough money to text or call.

    Request a new verification code

    One of the easiest ways is to request a new verification code at the start of the process. To perform this procedure it is ideal to follow the following steps:

    • On the screen where you enter the verification code, you will proceed to press the " Wrong number? ". This procedure will bring the user back to the home section.
    • Then, view the arrow and select the country code of the country you are in at that moment, click and re-enter the phone number.
    • A new box will appear with the request for some permissions to check the phone involved. Accept and wait for the code to access your account on WhatsApp.
    • If the problem recurs, you will have to wait for the countdown to finish and request it again to continue to insist.
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    As an observation point, the ideal is do not insist more than twice , as the waiting time will increase with each bankruptcy or request.

    In case you are not aware of it or have problems with the WhatsApp application, you can always resort to the option to install WhatsApp Web.

    Uninstalling the application and restarting the phone

    Another of the most reliable methods when the WhatsApp verification code never reaches me is uninstall the app and restart the computer to restore the signal. To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

    • The first thing is to uninstall WhatsApp via the option Settings> WhatsApp> Uninstall> Wait for the procedure.
    • After completing the action, turn off the phone and wait 30 minutes to turn it back on and log in to the application again.
    • A tip is that before logging in, you can ask a friend to send a text message to verify that they receive the reminder.
    • When reinstalling the application, be sure to install the latest version of WhatsApp.
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