What to do if the screen of my Android phone does not turn on or does not respond?

Through the following guide we show you what to do if the screen of your android mobile does not turn on or does not respond , some solutions you should try in case of problems with your mobile device.

Try turning it on connected to the charger

It is possible that the battery is the one that has problems and what is preventing the mobile phone from turning on or not responding. That said, it's better try to start it connected to the charger , this will be done to verify that the problem is the battery.

If you can start the device by plugging it into the charger, the problem is almost certainly there battery of cellular . Either way, try letting it charge for a few hours and make sure you can use it normally.

Although we have discussed what has been shown above for your Android mobile phone, the truth is that the above method is also valid for knowing if your iPhone battery is damaged or broken.

Wait for it to download

In case the cellphone is on, but not responding, the option we have is wait for the device to discharge completely . If the screen is on, this is a process that shouldn't take more than a few hours. Just wait for the mobile to download.

Once the device has completely discharged, try restarting it. It may seem like an inefficient solution, but sometimes temporary failures can cause problems like the no response of cellular . That said, waiting for it to download can help with the problem.

Force restart

This process is especially useful in case your mobile is left over blocked or blocked . Forcing a restart can help make it responsive again. As for the procedure, this will vary depending on the mobile device.

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In any case, the first thing would be to test in a basic way, that is pressing the power button for a few minutes , and then pressing the shutdown / restart option. However, if the above doesn't work, try pressing the volume down key and the power button for a few seconds.

The above is valid for Android, but you can also force restart an iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max if you have similar problems as shown above.

Use recovery mode

Recovery mode is specifically designed to fix problems on our Android devices. In most cases, try to fix errors where the cellphone simply does not respond . For this reason, if your mobile won't turn on, freeze or respond, you can try using recovery mode.

The process to reset, reboot and format the mobile phone from the reset usually varies depending on the device. However, try using this method in case you can't find other solutions. In any case, don't forget that by using this method you will lose all information stored on your mobile .

The mobile phone turns on the lights, but the screen does not turn on

There is another possibility which, although very rare, cannot be ruled out. Sure enough, there's the remote possibility that the screen has completely stopped working. That is it can be due to various reasons , a fall, a breakdown in the cell phone circuits, etc.

The most recommended way to check this is to check that the other mobile options are working correctly . For example, if your mobile phone has notification lights, you can guide yourself through them.

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In turn, you can try to make a call with your mobile, if it is ringing and you are receiving the call, it could be a problem with the screen. If so, there isn't much to do, the best thing to do would be to bring your cell phone with the company technical service manufacturer or directly with a specialized technician if the mobile phone no longer has the guarantee.

Likewise, it would not hurt to extract the data from your phone with the damaged screen, this way you will secure your information.

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