What to do or put on TikTok to go out on "For You"?

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TikTok it is becoming a well-known social networking service today, for the past two years and the media have created a unique boom since its launch in 2017. Previously, this network had been broadcast in China, a year earlier, but under another name.

Creating a TikTok account can be done with a series of simple steps, making videos on this network is easy even for any user, just follow the various guidelines of the app . The application shows interesting aspects for users, such as special functions, such as creating videos with other voices.

And many have managed to earn money using the application. This opportunity shows aspects of the application that are used daily by those who access it. Users they can record videos to show to the public . The "for you" section shows the videos with high quality content, we will explain how to make the videos appear in that section.

Account TikTok

Users can have the option to record videos only for themselves and that are hidden from the rest of the network, so that they are only found personally. There is also the classic way of showing these videos to the entire Internet.

Creating an account on this network is not difficult at all, that's enough enter the registration data in the account and anyone has the ability to show the world the videos they are uploading. The followers of each user will be able to increase or decrease based on the content of the videos they upload. If they are of high quality, they will be able to increase the users they have.

If the videos they are recording do not meet certain guidelines, they will have the opportunity not only to gain followers and increase popularity, but also to appear in the note. section of TikTok , for you.

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Section "For you"

Users to appear in this section they have to make videos that are amazing enough for their followers , depending on the type of followers they want to get, they will be able to see the specialty of the challenges they can do in their videos. These challenges increase the chances of appearing in the section for you in your account.

Who wants to increase the chances of appearing in the ' section for you ' can start using hashtag necessary. They may appear in this section accounts synchronized from the App that will be governed by likes, friends or publications displayed that will surely be to the liking of the user. This must be similar to personal taste.

It is not impossible for an account to start making your life in the section . Many have managed to rise in popularity and their following has grown even though they previously did not have large amounts of followers . Thanks to the beginning of their appearance in this section, they had a better chance to grow in the social network.

What to do or what to wear

As already mentioned, the hashtags help . Even so, there are more steps or protocols that can be done or put in place so that there is a greater chance of being here. The main thing a follower can consider if they want their content to be perceived in the section for you, is that her account is active. The the more time people spend in it the better .

In case a user doesn't have too many hours to appear online, it's important to keep in mind that at least opening the social network for a few minutes a day is better than nothing . The important thing is that the network session is opened once a day. This way it will appear as an active account and have movement.

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Likes and comments account are quite important so that the flow of movement is constant. This will increase the odds. Interact with other accounts, comment with other users, watch videos, post content that constantly attracts interested parties.

The more people will be asked to enter the profile, the more opportunities there will be to appear in this section. The number of interactions made in the social network and the constant movements will increase the fact of going out in this section and enjoying the benefits it has.

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