What to do to get the money back for a festival or concert that has been canceled and you have already paid?

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La music is a powerful element that moves and engales the senses, traps and awakens the human side of consciousness that emerges in moments of happiness. Unsurprisingly, when you hear a melody, you want to search and find a song through its lyrics. For this there is Shazam and others like it, who work under this precept of helping to experience music up close.

But the musical experience cannot be seen limited to the virtual, elements such as the Siri application or the use of Shazam to identify songs in other applications are not enough. Experience it has to go further and cross borders , that's why they try to go to a concert festival, but there is something troubling about it all.

The unexpected may happen that by chance in life, the event has to be canceled and the experience has to be postponed. If so, what happens to our invested money? Let's see what to do for get your money back from a festival or concert that has been canceled and you have already paid.

    What to do in case of cancellation of an event that has already been paid for?

    A festival or concert is not an event that comes out of nothing, it requires logistics and preparation weeks in advance, even months, but this is not the most essential in this case. Being an event that will gather people, it must be subject to regulations, rules and laws regulating the localities, therefore the organizers must be in permanent contact with the public administration of the place.

    This link with the government will be the main guarantor of safety and tranquility for those who buy a ticket, since through the rules applied to everyone, the organizing team is obliged to respond to any unexpected mishap , such as a cancellation. . For this there is a simple procedure that you need to follow.

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    When the cancellation is communicated, the organizers will publish the procedure for refunding the money immediately or in the following hours. It consists of a request to be made by the ticket holders event canceled.

    The procedure will vary according to the size and organization of the event, but in general the measures are the same. When the advertisement goes out, everyone is asked to process their refunds, for this they must present the ticket or proof of purchase at the offices that have the ticket. Once its authenticity has been verified, the money is returned .

    For this to be possible, there must be an active account in which to transfer the money, depending on the size of the festival concert, the refunds can be carried out in physical money , although this depends on the organizational team and is very unlikely to happen. .

    Once the refund has been processed, a voucher is issued to the person, this guarantees that the procedure was successful and the person already has the money, so it is important to make sure that if the refund operation was successful, before accept any elements of verification legal.

    But now an essential question must be raised, namely the distinction between cancellation and postponement , so let's briefly analyze whether requesting a refund is the right thing to do in all cases, for the convenience of the user.

    Cancellation and postponement, something to evaluate

    The cancellation consists in secure and announced closure of an event without this materializing, for various reasons and involving non-compliance with what is offered or announced.

    The referral is instead the act of move the event to a new future date , considering that in the initial one, there is no merit in giving excellence to the event, or for external actions that force us not to carry out what has been prepared, for environmental, social, public health or related reasons.

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    To this end, it should be borne in mind that in the first case there will be no event, and in the second there will be, but on a new date. Therefore, reimbursement must be mandatory and requested in case of cancellation, but in case of postponement, the refund is optional and according to the details that the moment shapes.

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