What to do when my mobile phone battery gets very hot while charging?

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Cell phones have become over the years in one way or another an indispensable piece of equipment for any individual, thus facilitating them ways of communicating and interacting with others people in an immediate way, resulting in a positive impact on society and in the world, it should be noted that the majority of the population has such a team at their disposal.

New ideas and new technologies emerge every day, hence the brands they create highly skilled teams to use them, due to the thousands and different brands of mobile phones that exist, this has become a kind of competition, there are mobile phones that are faster than others, even with longer life, and obviously with better functions.

If we put them to good use, the necessary ones, we can benefit greatly from it , both informative and economic, allow us to surf the internet, be in contact with social platforms, make calls while maintaining constant communication with the people around us, and therefore countless jobs that we can give them.

    Causes of the phone heating without plugging it in

    Although it is true that at the end of a long day of work and constant use of the mobile phone, the battery runs out and it deserves a break to charge it, but there is something that happens very often and that is that the mobile overheats while charging, because of This, it is good to know why, in order not to keep making the same mistakes and avoid this.


    If you are one of the people who use the device very constantly or practically all day, it may be that this generates overheating when you put it on charge . This is in principle due to the fact that you do not let your mobile rest and you ask it a lot for the little rest you give it to reward it.

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    Also, before loading it, you should let the device cool down so that it loads faster and does not continue to overheat; This can cause the battery not to work very well so you need to be vigilant so that a good amount of time is guaranteed as the useful life and operation of the phone.

    Influence of the external environment

    It can also be caused by the following, maybe if the mobile phone is exposed directly to the sun, it could affect the charging performance and consequently its temperature rise.

    It may also be due to the fact that it is charging in a place where it is very hot or so cold that the mobile phone cannot charge well and generates an overheating of the battery and therefore of the entire device.

    Outdated software

    Overheating of your mobile phone can be caused by the the fact that you do not have the latest version of the operating system mobile or the applications you use most frequently. This is generated because there are problems during the development of these software and they cause the device to slow down, malfunction, the battery discharges very quickly and overheats.

    Configuration error

    Your device settings may fail and impact the battery and on the temperature of both it and the mobile phone; For this reason, try to keep your mobile updated and there are no settings that damage it and cause it to suddenly overheat.

    Other causes

    It can also be another cause of this, that we have downloaded very demanding games and that the mobile at some point does not support them, causes the equipment to overheat and another thing that can be the cause is that the charger charges quickly and is not fully compatible.

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    Causes of phone heating while charging

    The first reason why your mobile gets hot while charging it's because you use it very often , that is, if you watch videos, films, series, check social networks for a long time; you listen to long audio or chat often, all of which causes the device to overheat.

    It could also be because it has features that you don't need to activate; such as Bluetooth connection, mobile data, i.e. no signal and searching, etc ... Also, if you put it on charge and start playing music, it doesn't matter if it comes from an app or memory.

    One of the causes could be that we charge the mobile phone with very high screen brightness and that we are using it, this prevents the mobile from charging one hundred percent.

    On the other hand, the heating it can come from malware on your phone or virus ; even from the cable or the charging base not compatible with the mobile phone; or in another case, it could be because the charger is charging fast and the device is not receiving it. Another option can be generated by problems with electricity where you are, by voltages.

    It is possible for this to happen for several reasons, but we can fix it, we need to check that the our mobile phone charger is in perfect condition and is compatible with it, as there are some chargers that do not emit the same charge intensity in some cellphones.

    Remove the battery and let it sit for a few minutes, then reinsert it and let your mobile charge fully and yes turn off without any manipulation.

    Leaving the phone case aside is another good option, we need to remove it and let it charge without any pressure or make it overheat.

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    It should be noted that there are some mobiles that they are more prone to raising their temperatures when charging, this is due to their operation, and therefore it usually happens that the battery is overcharged, and it is advisable to discharge the overcharged battery, also check the heating sensors.

    How to prevent your cell phone from overheating

    One of these is use only the original mobile phone charger , to avoid damage later, although we can charge our cellphone with a wireless charger, in that case, it would be better to keep away any kind of magnetic object near it, and then the cellphone will charge faster.

    Do not charge the mobile phone via a computer, this is essential, by doing so we are causing irreparable damage, since the computer or the PC they do not emit the same frequency or intensity when charging a mobile phone, so the ideal is to charge it from a direct outlet.

    We must also avoid at all costs that the cell phone slot where we place the charger is full of dust or water, this it would completely damage its functioning and it can lead to a short circuit, and that's something we obviously don't want to happen.

    If we take into account each of these precautions in as such, we won't have any problems with our mobiles so we shouldn't worry when charging.

    Solutions to cool your mobile phone in hot weather

    Now, after knowing how your device can overheat and what you should do to avoid it; We will give you some tips to solve this problem, in case your mobile overheats.

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