What types of Uber cars are available for travel and features

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Uber has positioned itself as leading company in the private transport market . Your success lies in the different types of Uber cars available for you to drive. Read on so you know the characteristics of each.

What types of Uber cars are available for travel and features

      Minimum requirements to register a car with Uber

      The quality of the service is very important to Uber, which is why the cars they use for the service are in top condition. If you want to be an Uber driver, you need to register on the platform and meet a variety of requirements which may vary depending on the region you are in.

      • Have a vehicle under the age of 10 years
      • At least 4 ports
      • Double airbags , one for the driver and one for the passenger
      • Seat belts in good condition
      • updated maintenance
      • circulation permit
      • Full insurance coverage , which covers third parties

      If you don't have a car, there are companies like Hertz in Chile who offer a car rental service to work with Uber at a good price. In many countries, there are also auto insurance plans designed to work with startups like Uber or DiDi.

      Types of Uber cars available for the trip

      Each category offered by Uber is adapted to the needs of each customer. These categories may not be available in all regions , so you should first check which ones are available in your country.


      It is the standard category that Uber offers to all its customers and the best known. UberX vehicles they have no more than 10 years , are four doors, with double airbags, air conditioning and radio. All seats must have working seat belts.


      They are similar to UberX vehicles, but are roomy enough to carry up to 6 people . All seats must be fitted with seat belts.

      UberX VIP

      It is a special category that rewards the drivers with the best ratings and users with more trips and more valued. It usually activates automatically and was created with the aim of offering better service to passengers and better dividend-paying trips for drivers.


      Sono high-end car which have all the safety devices in optimal working order. They are four-door vehicles with leather seats and climate control.

      Uber SUV

      It is a car category of luxury or luxury. They are similar to UberBlacks in that they have leather seats and an air conditioning system, but with the difference that they have a maximum capacity of up to 6 people.


      It's the same standard Uber service, but purpose-built for users traveling with children . Drivers have car seats for small children or children under 135 cm tall.


      The for people with reduced mobility . It is a category that can only be accessed by partner drivers with at least 50 trips made and an average rating of 4,8.


      Similar to UberASSIST, cars are used by people with limited mobility. Designed for people who have to move in a wheelchair or use assistance dogs.


      It is a category with vehicles that have less than five years . Only professional driving partners can access it, and it's usually more expensive than the standard version of Uber.


      It is Uber's cheapest mode. They are spacious vehicles that serve to carry up to 5 people through their spacious interiors. It can be a shared service with other Uber users who are going to the same area you are going to and share the cost of the fare.


      They are used vehicles used to transport up to four passengers, at an affordable price in comfortable and spacious cars. Drivers must have at least 250 trips and an average rating of 4,85 to access this category.


      If you have a bicycle, this is the option for you. It's a car that has a bike rack installed and allows you to carry up to 3 bicycles.

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