When does my Spotify subscription end and how to renew my subscription?

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Technology has revolutionized the way music is heard. Artists are no longer so recognized by the number of albums sold, but by the number of plays of their songs.

After long struggles against programs that have increased the piracy rate, virtual platforms have emerged as an option to eradicate this situation .

Among the platforms that have emerged in recent years is Spotify. Swedish company founded in 2006 and launched on the European market in 2008.

It was tremendously famous, bringing together an incredible number of artists in its community , with a simple and intuitive platform, attractive to all users.

This platform it was a real success , the first edition of the Spotify Awards was held on March 5 at the National Auditorium of Mexico City.

Bringing together the most listened to artists on the platform during 2019, taking into account not only music artists, but also those who have their podcasts on it, taking as a parameter the number of plays, saves and shares of users.


Although this platform offers a free service that you can get, where you can listen to your favorite music online and with advertisements between songs, Spotify also offers a Premium service with various types of plans.


Only you will have access to your account Spotify on your favorite device.


Being a student always seems to be an advantageous condition for enjoying some services. You can enjoy a discount of up to 50% .

Premium duo

Why keep sharing headphones with your partner or best friend, brother, if they can share a Spotify account .

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This floor has, in turn, two types of floors: the standard one, due account Premium with a discount. Duo Mix, customizable playlists according to the tastes of each person. Plus, they can instantly share playlists with the other plan member.

Familiare premium

The family plan can accommodate up to a total of 6 different discounted accounts . They also have a Family Mix plan with customizable playlists for each person. In case there are children within the plan members, you can configure the account to block explicit content.


Each floor has a different period. You can make a monthly, quarterly and even yearly subscription . There will be the eventuality that someone may forget what kind of plan they have taken on, or how much time they have left or when their Spotify Premium subscription expires. For this you must:

  • Go to the page or application and locate the " Account ".
  • Once this option is selected, you will be redirected to the web page, where it will show you your username, email and other personal data.
  • Check the payment type and expiration date of your subscription plan, as well as the associated method for renewing it.

How to renew my subscription?

Depending on the country you are in, Payment methods for Spotify accounts vary . It can be as simple as going to a store associated with this platform, or associating the payment for the service with a credit card.

Credit cards are undoubtedly the most used option by users as a payment method . To do so, simply access the page and follow the instructions that will be indicated to provide the payment details.

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Using this successful platform is more than simple, be it in its free or Premium version, individual or family, the options are more than viable to be part of this huge community.

You can also find out easily how much does it cost to subscribe to Spotify Premium for one month.

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