When you block someone on WhatsApp, can they see your profile picture or write to you?

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When we want to hide information for a person or have more security of who to add, WhatsApp offers a number of options to protect our security and the privacy of the contacts we have added. But there is always a question to make sure that the person we have added or blocked still has access to our personal information, there are a few ways to confirm that the person we have blocked can't see our information or photo of the profile, here we solve the doubt.

What happens when we block someone on WhatsApp?

The blocking tool appears to us when an unknown number writes to us, we can continue to chat or block it directly, but what happens when we press the option to block a number, because in a simplified way this number is registered in our WhatsApp account to a black list of contacts to which we limit them to having any type of contact with our telephone number, depriving us of all the information on our WhatsApp profile .

In a sense, the block is the most effective way to cut any kind of contact with a contact, however, it must be taken into account that this block only ed only contact within the application, in so that through a text message or external call to the application can also contact your number.

So if you want to completely block it from mobile then there are other ways to get it, why WhatsApp is just an application and it is not directly connected to our sim card.

Can anyone see your profile picture or text you when it's blocked?

As mentioned, WhatsApp deprives our information of the number or contact that we have blocked, limiting it to only appear in your contact list, but without showing any kind of trace of your device or your account so that WhatsApp reserves the entire information from your account to the person who is blocked, in a simple and summary way we can tell you that he sees and that he cannot see the contact that you have blocked in the application.

  • Cannot access your profile photo , then you will see the default photo that WhatsApp uses when we create the account and we don't have a profile picture.
  • He can write to you but the messages will not arrive , WhatsApp cuts the sending and delivery of sms data from both multimedia to a blocked user, so that he has only one control.
  • You cannot see your WhatsApp status , as everything you load onto yours state is blocked, it will not appear in sight of the blocked person, this ensuring that your information is protected.
  • Cannot see the last time you entered the application , so no matter when was the last time you opened the app, even the blocked contact won't be able to see it.
  • Cannot see if you are online and most importantly, the blocked contact will not even be able to see if you are online or if you have the application open so that you can write with other numbers and the blocked number will not know.
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The lock option transforms you substantially in a ghost in the contact list of the blocked person, blocking any kind of access to your contact within the application, so in a nutshell they cannot observe any of your activity in the application no records.

The only thing left on the device is the previous chat registration , but with the impossibility of no longer being able to receive a message from that contact, which has been placed in the application's block list.

Another less restrictive way to prevent a contact from seeing our profile photo is to go to the application settings and inside it select account, and once inside select the privacy option, our profile options will appear, where we can adjust who can see our profile photo, our information, the status and time of the last time, it also has the deactivation or activation of the read receipt so that it limits the contacts to know if you have read or opened a message.

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