Where and how to find bamboo in Minecraft and what is it for? - You use bamboo

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Bamboo is one important plant and, like the gunpowder, present in Minecraft, it has multiple uses and different ways to obtain it. This plant was introduced in version 1.14 of the game, but it can be a bit difficult to find.

Where and how to find bamboo in Minecraft and what is it for? - You use bamboo

Certainly some of the easier ways to get bamboo they are in some forests, villages or near rivers. However, in this article we will tell you how to get bamboo very easily and in large quantities.

Likewise, you will be able to learn about the different uses this plant has and the importance of stocking up with a good amount of bamboo. It is also important to know how to plant it to gain unity without having to go to distant places at different times.

    Where to find bamboo?

    As mentioned above, there are several places where you can get good amounts of bamboo such as villages or near rivers, however, the best place to get this important plant is in the jungles .

    You can start worlds as many times as you like until you appear near a jungle. Once inside, you can find large bamboo forests where you can take huge quantities of this plant and then use it as fuel, like food for pandas and even as a stick.

    How to plant bamboo?

    Once you have harvested the bamboo in the jungles you can plant it very easily to get more and always have availability.

    Having a plantation is very important, in fact, since bamboo came out, it has become a very valuable plant since it works as a fuel . A bamboo can be planted in sand, earth, grass, gravel, and red sand.

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    You can plant bamboo and it will grow gradually over time, or you can grow it with bone powder or other bamboo.

    However, a good recommendation is to leave the first plant planted when harvesting bamboo, so that automatically grows back without the need to plant another bamboo plant.

    In this way we can have large quantities of bamboo that will grow and we can cut when we want and, at the same time, not having to plant anymore.

    You use bamboo

    As mentioned above, the bamboo has many uses , but in general it serves as a fuel, as a decoration, for cultivation, or as a tool for taming pandas.

    Use as fuel

    As for fuel, bamboo plants can be used as fuel in furnaces , so that each bamboo unit can melt 25% of an object if it is in its natural state.

    Basically you will need 4 bamboo units for cook a chop , eg. While a scaffold can cook 6 chops.

    On the other hand, if it is made into a bamboo stick, it will be able to dissolve 50% of an object. How to dissolve it will depend on the taste of each person. In its natural state it will consume many units, however, we can always harvest much more from our bamboo plantations or forests.

    The bamboos they grow 12 to 16 blocks in height , so this plant can be replaced very easily; however, it is recommended that it grow as large as possible leaving at least 9 blocks under it.

    Decorative uses

    Another use of bamboo is decorative. It is however interesting and useful since we can make objects like scaffolding or sticks . Similarly we can in pots or to raise trees in your garden.

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    To tame and raise pandas

    For their part, not many know that bamboo can be used to make reproduce pandas . For this you need to plant 8 bamboo units divided into two units by plants around the pandas.

    These bamboos must be planted no more than 5 blocks apart, otherwise they will have no effect and will not reproduce. Subsequently, a each panda It will be given the bamboo and they will reproduce and have a baby. Also, if you feed the baby bamboo, it will grow much faster.

    Other uses

    Bamboos can be used for break the sand , just like the flashlight. Likewise, the sword easily breaks bamboo.

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