Where are all the Rappi offices and their hotline?

We can freely say that today Rappi is one of the most important platforms in Latin America since its foundation in 2015. And it has come to solve the lives of millions of people who take advantage of its extraordinary service. Therefore, it is important to know where all the offices are located who manages and what is its line of service.

Where are all the Rappi offices and their hotline?

Of Colombian origin. Rappi is located in approx 200 cities in 9 countries . Its exponential growth has been interesting and the areas it has come to cover are many.

From a simple courier service, to purchasing items in any store, to transfers, to an entertainment area and get free shipping on Rappi with Rappi Prime.

Referring to its extensions, Rappi charges a percentage commission for deliveries in the delivery area and has various types of restaurants. Vegetarians to big global chains. Including haute cuisine chefs internationally renowned.

You can also enjoy shopping in supermarkets from the most modest to the giants eat Grupo Éxito and also get coupons or discount codes. The entertainment area cannot be left behind, coming to compete healthily with big players like Spotify. Realization of live events, and in parallel in all the countries where the Rappi platform is alive.


    How and where to find the location of the Rappi offices?

    It never hurts to know where the Rappi offices are. Regardless of whether we are in a position as a client or as someone looking for work. Many people prefer face-to-face treatment over digital, so having this information is absolutely valid.

    In addition to this, there must always be circumstances that must be dealt with personally , and unfortunately digital channels are not the best suited for this; The Rappi platform is found in a relatively high percentage in Latin American countries, so you shouldn't worry.

    However, technological support cannot be missing, especially when we are talking about a platform that has grown so much. You can count on the official website . Where without any problem you can view all the offices that are in your city, and thus find the one that's right for you.

    Access the Rappi office platform directly using the browser of your choice, when the link appears you must press it and enter.

    Go to the part where it says select your city. You will be able to immediately see all the cities belonging to the country where you are. And when you select the city you need, existing offices and even their addresses will appear.

    Rappi's toll-free number

    It is easy to locate each of the offices that Rappi has, via your browser by accessing the Rappi offices. And this way the search will be super fast. So you can see that you have no losses when looking for the most suitable office for you in your city.

    Using technology has become a part of everyday life. However, the benefits gained from being assisted in person are many times better. But if for lack of time or because you are not close to any of its offices, you prefer telephone attention, this and other options are worth having for contact the services offered by the platform.

    In case you can't go directly to the office, you can work with the Rappi app. In it you will have a space intended exclusively for complaints, something like a chat ; or you can simply use the customer service phone number on the Rappi platform. You can get the numbers directly in the application.

    There are many ways in which you can fully enjoy the service that Rappi has to offer you, and the forms of communication as well. Not just the aforementioned. But besides them, he has direct mail to communicate with Rappi. And a single phone number which is 316-35-35. You just need to add the code according to your place of residence.

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