Where are the games I downloaded and installed on my PC from Steam saved?

Steam is one of the platforms di digital video games best known for downloading games to our computer, within it we can find a large number of digital games of various genres such as action, shooter, adventure, multiplayer, casual among others. which in its great majority have a very affordable cost.

In addition to working as a community, it allows you to add friends and play games you download from the same Steam platform.

How to download games on Steam?

Most people think that downloading a game on this platform is a complicated task which is somewhat uncertain since performing this action it's a really easy task , the first thing you should do is download the Steam application to your computer,

After that, you will need to create an account within the platform, to be able to save the games in your account or profile, then access the library of games that Steam offers with a different number of games, select the one you want to download to enter the game information and descriptions and click the Download button.

In case the game you want to install on your computer is paid, you will need to fill in some information required by the platform to carry out the purchase process , once this is done you can continue to download the game you want, wait for the download to finish, then proceed to open it to start playing.

However, most users who have long used the Steam platform to download their favorite games have the problem of not finding or do not know the location of the folder in where you can find all the games downloaded and installed on your computer from Steam. it can be annoying if you haven't created a shortcut to the game on your PC desktop, so it forces you to search for it from the Steam platform.

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If this is your case, worry no more as we will show you in this article where Steam games are saved when you download them to your PC.

Where are the games I downloaded and installed on my PC from Steam saved?

Knowing the location of the folder where the game we install via the Steam platform is located can be of great help in case we want to install a mod of game to improve our experience with it, or even if we want to make a backup of the game file , that's why we will reveal the exact location where games downloaded from Steam are stored.

The location of this folder may vary depending on where we have established the location of the Steam application files itself, if we have not established a specific location of the Steam folders, we will be able to find its files in "C: Program Files (x86) Steam " since this is the default location, once we are in this folder we will have to look for the folder named "steamapps" within the same section.

And after that we will have to access the folder "common" inside steamapps, inside you can see that there are all the names of the games that we downloaded on our PC from the Steam platform.

In case you can't find it with these indications, below we will show you step by step so that you can know the location where the games downloaded from Steam are saved

Find the Steam games folder step by step

  • To start we will have to access the location of the files and folders on the Steam platform, in case the previous path is not needed, you can access it by right-clicking on the Steam shortcut on the desktop and choosing the option from " open file location"
  • This will direct you to the location of the Steam shortcut on your PC, then you will find the Steam folder and any related files from the application itself
  • Find the steamapps folder and then the folder named commons, where you can find all the games you have downloaded to your computer from the Steam platform and voila! you will already know the location of your Steam games.
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