Where can I pay my WOM bill and how can I do it?

Paying your bills and services is a responsibility that many people nowadays can sometimes overlook and get to the case that you forget about it for whatever reason. The worst part is that, as a result of our non-payment of our debts, we stop having the service.

This almost always happens at the least opportune time, so that it doesn't happen to you, here we will help you to know where you can pay your WOM account and how to do it . The idea is that it is becoming easier to pay all of our accounts.

    Affiliate your WOM account with a card

    Of course, the above process is very easy to do, but you can always forget to do it or ignore it, this would unfortunately prevent us from enjoying the service provided by WOM.

    If you want to avoid an oversight causing you to lose your service at an inopportune time, you could affiliate your credit card . In this way the payment will be made completely automatically and on a monthly basis. For this we will only need:

    • The RUT, whether updated or not, but must be exclusively of the WOM account holder
    • The specific data of the credit card that we want to associate with the monthly payments of WOM.
    • This option will allow you to choose if you want to establish a maximum payment and what the payment limit would be .
    • At the end, the contact information, such as: Phone, email, address, city.

    How to check the status of the Wom account

    This is a fairly simple step, for this we only have to access the calls on our mobile. AND dial * 103 # , then press the calls section and select option number 2. Otherwise, when you dial these digits, a message will immediately reach your device indicating the current status of your account with Wom.

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    And is that Wom is an operator that has been providing its services for about 5 years . It comes to the market with the idea of ​​hooking users with "good service at a fair price", which is the phrase it is known for. It should be noted that Wom's main goal is to minimize the costs of telephone services and reduce them by up to 40%.

    How can I pay my Wom bill?

    To cancel the payment of your Wom account, it is only necessary be affiliated with the company's official website . In addition to having at your disposal your basic data and those necessary to enter your account. This procedure turns out to be easy and will definitely solve your life using their services.

    This is one of the easiest ways to make the payment, of course we will need to have access to the internet, the RUT number of the account holder and your payment information. In due course all of this will be required in the process.

    He RUT

    In this step, after clicking on "Pay your bill", the page will ask you to enter the account holder's RUT number. Followed by this, the total debt will appear in the name of that RUT number.

    Verify that the amount is correct

    Next, check the total debt amount, if it is the correct amount, we will approve it and move on to the next step, if it is an incorrect amount you will need to contact the "Customer Service" and submit your complaint.

    Method of payment

    In this step you will be asked to choose the payment method you prefer . We can make payments with different payment methods such as Webpay or even PayPal, regardless of whether your PayPal account has a credit card or you manage a PayPal account without a credit card, among other payment methods.

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    Keep all your data close at hand

    Once you have chosen the payment method, enter the data that the page will ask for , correctly following the instructions according to the payment method you have selected, to complete this step you must have all the information of the payment method you have chosen at hand.

    If you've followed the steps correctly, congratulations, you've already learned to pay your WOM account. This method primarily seeks to help you in your search to save time and minimize the effort involved in making said payment.

    Where to pay the Wom bill?

    Wom you can pay it on the web with your ticket online or in other ways online or in person. Or via servipago, simple, unired.cl or zumpago. You will also have at your disposal the possibility to pay your account through banks affiliated with this service throughout the national territory.

    Banks such as Corpbanca, BBVA , Banco Security, Banco Estado, Banco BCI, TBank and Banco Santander. You can quickly go to the nearest branches of any of these banks and cancel your invoice in a process that takes less than 5 minutes. Not only does Wom offer you these points to facilitate your payment, but you can also do it through the reserved area called MiWom or, failing that, by accessing the automatic payment from your bank accounts.

    You can to do it also to CajaVecina, Leader , Multicaja, Unimarc and OkMarket. For this you only have to carry your debit or credit card and your personal information with you.

    on line

    Wom has revolutionized the market, with its low prices, this operator offers better services with the particularity of not having a network infrastructure. He plans to invest his own infrastructure, without having to depend on someone else. What makes it stiff competition for operators already available.

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    Wom offers you an easier way to cancel your bill without leaving the comfort of your home . In addition to doing this via the website, you can also cancel the payment via the Wom app, which allows you to make the payment simply by having your mobile device active.

    For the first step, you need to log into the WOM Online website. Being here, the various process options that we can perform on the web page . Today's goal is "Pay your account", locate the button that says this and click.

    In person

    Of course, the above options are useful for those people with a very busy personal daily schedule. If you prefer to make your payments in person, you can always go to the points of the warehouse or supermarket in our vicinity where it is possible pay directly with credit or debit cards .

    Thanks to the current global pandemic situation, from here we will always advise you, stay home and go out as little as possible. If you don't have internet to make payments via the web, remember to wear mask and antibacterial gel, making payments is important, but health comes first, let's take care of each other.

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