Where does Skype save and store: photos, files, conversations and recordings?

Skype is communication software that thousands of people use to make free calls and video calls that can be group or individual and where we can share photos, files, conversations and recordings. This app gives us the possibility to use it on our PC, tablet and also on our mobile phone, we can use the app or the online version, so we don't have to download it.

Where Skype saves and stores photos, files, conversations and recordings

In addition to Skype call sharing, this application it offers us further advantages , such as texting and sending videos, as thousands of people around the world use this means of communication.

But wait, sometimes we don't know where these files are archived useful ; So where are your important files, videos and even photos stored? In this post, we will summarize how to get them in just a few steps.

    It should be noted that this series of steps can be performed for recover any type of skype file and also from any device mentioned.

      Where Skype saves photos on Android, Tablet, iPad or iPhone

        As we have already seen, Skype offers us the service of saving absolutely everything that we share with people in the same chat folders, this feature is quite interesting and also very useful, the question that users ask themselves the most is how to find them? And also, does it work the same on Android as it does on iPhone?

        The way to finding these documents is quite simple, since it only consists of pressing the name of the chat where we want to get the files and when we scroll down we will find a variety of things, such as photos, videos and files that have been shared in that chat.

        As far as the difference in devices is concerned, it doesn't present any problem, since the Skype application remains the same on each, so this method can be done on either device.

        In Skype per Windows 10 , the folder path where the images are automatically saved is: C:/Users/our_user/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.SkypeApp_kzf8qxf38zg5c/LocalState/live#3A (account with which it was received) /media_messaging/media_cache_v3.

        And i videos are in this folder, which is the documents: C:/Users/nuestro_usuario/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.SkypeApp_kzf8qxf38zg5c/LocalState/Downloads.

        However, in order to access this option you will need to enable Show hidden items.

        Now that you know different options to know where Skype stores and saves the different videos, images, files and links, you will be able to access them without any problem ; You just have to follow the steps and share this post with your family and friends.

        This app saves shared files, videos and photos that you can access across different devices, so you can access them anytime, anywhere. You will also access saved calls or perhaps other items such as shortcuts. However, each of these items has an expiration period, and these are:

        • In messages: You will have to delete them or leave the conversation, but the user decides it himself, as well as the chat titles and images.
        • The videos: those weighing more than 100 MB will be saved as files and will be available for 30 days. The others are user defined.
        • Files, voicemails and voicemails: they will be available for 30 days.
        • Call recording : are available for 30 days.

        Recover lost Skype conversations or messages

        In addition to the database file, Skype saves files in a folder (%App%Data) on Windows . Then, you will be able to save photos, conversation history that you have deleted and others; For this you need access to:

        • Go to the unit C.
        • In the User folder, select the name of the Windows user.
        • Select AppDat and touch Roaming.
        • Select Skype and then your Skype username.
        • Right-click on file and click Properties.
        • Then click on previous versions and select the previous version .
        • Finally, press Restore And that's it .

        As we have seen, for recover our media files we have to sign in to Skype, following a series of steps and trying new things, the recovery will be possible.

        Although many people who use Skype have said that it hasn't worked for them, they always get good results when they try it a second time, so below we'll leave you with an series of recommendations to be able to recover these files .

        • Follow step by step to recover yours file Skype .
        • Once this is done, keep calm and read calmly step by step .
        • Follow the steps to the letter without losing a single data and recover yours file Skype .
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