Where is or is the Recycle Bin on my Samsung Galaxy?

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The basket is one important tool when you want to clear memory or delete photos that we have memorized that we have eliminated but which have been stored in the recycle bin, which can be boring when we have little space because we have to clean it, without however, it also gives us the possibility to restore the images we have deleted.

What is the recycle bin and what is it for?

The recycle bin is one of the few tools that Android smartphones have, our phones have the ability to store the things we have deleted, usually from the gallery, the photos that the mobile device keeps so that we can restore the photos in another time If you deleted them by mistake, this basket stores infinities file e images which continue to take up space on our device.

Its function is simple, however archive images deleted from the gallery for having archived them for a certain time , this to be able to recover them in case of error.

Similarly, we can clean it whenever we want, by permanently deleting these deleted files that we don't want, this is done manually and for this it is necessary to know where the recycle bin is.

Where is the trash can?

In a Samsung Galaxy device is inside the photo gallery, it is easy to find, go to your gallery on your mobile, inside you can see three vertical points in the corner of the screen once seen press there and then go to the settings, inside it you will see the configuration of your Samsung Cloud and under the trash option.

The advantages of the recycle bin is that it stores photos before they are deleted or permanently deleted from our Samsung Galaxy in this way not only are saved in the cloud , but they are stored in a recycle bin that has passed a certain amount of time. they will be permanently deleted, so within a few days the space will be freed up anyway.

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You must know that we must have configured ours Samsung Cloud, which is our manufacturer's cloud because this is what grants permission to access the recycle bin.

The Samsung cloud works like any other cloud for archive files on the platform and on the account and not on the device, this optimizing Samsung mobile phones because it allows us to free up a gigantic amount of space without the need to delete them.

The problem with these Samsung backups and their storage system is that, like any other cloud, use your internet connection for uploading files and photos from our device, however, tend to be lighter and more transferable than other clouds. more efficient in many ways than other manufacturers.

Another option that ci they offer both the recycling bin and the Samsung cloud is there allows you to restore and synchronize our Samsung account data retrieving information and data from previous Samsung devices where we have stored or saved photos from the gallery or videos, this does this automatically periodically but for this we need to have our device updated.

Se deactivate the Samsung Cloud, the photo gallery will not appear because it syncs directly with the cloud and with the account, so we advise you not to deactivate the Samsung cloud because you would limit the mobile to not having a gallery, this happens because the default location of Samsung is the cloud, so that the users do not lose the data or photos they have stored in the gallery.

However, you can change the cloud storage plan , in this way regulate the way the cloud operates at your disposal, thus being able to limit its functions and services without the need to disable it.

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Something practical about Samsung is that it suits the needs of the user but with the drawback that it doesn't allow you to turn off these features the device gives you, just to manipulate or manage how they work.

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