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"Axie Infinity" is a game that has become popular thanks to its new way of revolutionizing the world of video game enthusiasts. It is known for having a similar style to that of Pokémon and for its combination of fights, missions and coin collecting linked to Ethereum.

Generally, where the "Axie Infinity" community is in Spanish is sui different social networks, forums and even on Reddit . However, there are groups where those who get into the game tend to share information about it, mostly on networks like Discord and Telegram.

    Axie Infinity official fanpage in Spanish

    The official Axie Infinity platform has not yet launched an official page for its Spanish-speaking users, however, on platforms like Twitter you can find their official profile in Spanish. In addition, fans and users of the game have created many other pages or groups and forums on social networks to share strategies and information about the game.

    Which Discord does the Axie Infinity community use?

    As the Axie Infinity Spanish community has grown incredibly fast, the main Discord group has already been created for Axie Infinity Spanish. You can get into it quickly and easily, as well as stay informed, as long as you respect the rules it raises when you enter.

    Furthermore, on this platform countless have been created groups labeled "axie-infinity" , where you can get a lot of information with the help of its administrators and members.

    Likewise, if you are interested in a much larger community and in another language, you can join the official Axie Infinity group on Discord in English, simply by entering its main page and selecting the option "Join our Discord" .

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    What is the official forum on Reddit?

    Thanks to the vast community created around blockchain gaming, which currently focuses mainly on the users who make up the Axie Infinity community, groups and forums have been created to exchange information on this matter .

    Many networks have witnessed this phenomenon and Reddit is no exception , where, in addition to finding the main Axie Infinity forum, you can also find others in Spanish.

    Where else is the Axie Infinity community?

    "Axie Infinity" is a game that has become very popular in dozens of countries and you can find a large number of communities from different parts of the world . However, the countries that have the largest number of users and the largest communities are very few, whether known countries in Europe or Asia, or small countries in Latin America, are the ones that boast the largest communities of all.


    With an incredible number of users, the Venezuelan Axie Infinity community ranks as the second largest platform in the world and the first in America

    This game allows the user to play thanks to the purchase of a minimum of 3 Axies , or through an agreement with another member of the community, can receive a scholarship in Axie Infinity to manage the account.


    Despite not being among the largest communities in the world, the Axie Infinity community in Spain has grown , having hundreds of active users every day in the game.

    Users generally use this game as a form of short or long term investment, because it has become one of the most popular blockchain games of the moment and the most viable. However, if you want to invest wisely in Axie Infinity, you can take some risks and it is best to stay informed about what is happening with the platform.

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    Far above Venezuela and, with over 40% of users in the game, the Philippines ranks first in terms of the largest Axie Infinity community in the world, thus being one of the best sources of income for users.

    In general, the game is very popular with the young natives of the country, giving them the ability to play when and where they want. Axie Infinity is available for any device, whether you want to play from a Mac or Windows computer, whether you want to enjoy the game from the comfort of your Android or iOS mobile.

    Alpha community

    Although 40% of the global Axie Infinity community is located in the same country in Asia, it should be noted that, moreover, the Alpha community, made up of Spanish-speaking users , is one of the largest. The second largest community in Axie Infinity is occupied by one of the member countries of the Alpha community, with over 6% users worldwide.

    Due to the large number of users in the game who are part of the Alpha community, we can see a huge number of forums, pages on social networks and community groups, where they debate and share strategies entirely in Spanish. If you want to be part of this community, that's enough join these conversation forums, find out and start playing with your Axies , on the web you can find all kinds of guides to learn how to play Axie Infinity and take advantage of the hours of play.

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