Which app is better, Viber or WhatsApp?

Which app is better Viber or WhatsApp? Both are instant messaging applications that keep you in touch with your contacts, friends and loved ones; You may not be sure which of the two suits you, but here we will tell you what advantages both offer you.

Which app is better, Viber or WhatsApp

      How does WhatsApp work?

      WhatsApp is an application that you can use with WiFi internet or a data plan. It is special for making calls, video calls, sending unlimited voice messages or chatting. You can download the latest version from the store on your mobile device and also use it from your computer in its web version. It takes up about 466 megabytes of space on your device's memory.

      WhatsApp utility

      • Use a profile picture, which you can sync with your contacts, and put a name so yours can see it.
      • Send messages or chat with one or more contacts simultaneously.
      • Create groups or join them.
      • Create a backup on Google Drive.
      • Take pictures and send them to your contacts or copy them from your image gallery.
      • Write and upload photos or images in your state to share them with your contacts or vice versa; the state will last for 24 hours.
      • Make calls or video calls.

      Main WhatsApp exclusives

      • In order for your favorite contact to appear as the first one in your chat list, you need to hold it down and tap the pin symbol with a head and it will automatically set above the rest.
      • Reply by quoting a specific text; For this, locate the message in question and swipe it to the right.
      • Delete a read or unread text or audio; if you don't want the recipient to know, click on the message and select the option " clear for me ”; but if you want to delete it both for you and for your recipient or your contacts, click on "delete for all"
      • Also, you will be able to perform other settings and adjustments through cool tricks.

      How does Viber work?

      Viber is an application that combines Skype and WhatsApp. Like WhatsApp, you can download it quickly, easily and for free on your mobile device and use it on your PC desktop. You can chat, send pictures and videos, as well as send other files and other unbeatable features, as long as you have WiFi internet or a data plan.

      However, to make calls and video calls you must make sure that this application is also installed on your contacts, otherwise you will have to make a payment, even if it is very modest compared to commercial calls.

      Viber utility

      • Send files of any type.
      • Send video and voice notes but only for 30 seconds as a time limit, unlike WhatsApp which gives you more time.
      • Send adhesives , both large and small, so you can use whatever you like best.

      The best Viber exclusives

      • Invite your friends and family to use this app.
      • Online shopping through a virtual shop.
      • Delete photos for everyone in your chats, no matter how long it's been since you sent them, by tapping "delete for everyone."
      • Send location.
      • Create your own opera e send it as a picture or photo to your contacts.
      • Another amazing feature of Viber is send money to your contacts via Western Union, you just need to register.
      • You can make settings and configure other options, including: indicate your status, activate if you are connected, list of blocked contacts, hidden chats, show your photo or not, etc.
      • Clear trusted data, check if any of your contacts have joined Viber, clear message history, and on desktops and tablets you can activate Viber on Windows, among others.

      If you have already decided which application is better, Viber or WhatsApp, the most important thing is that you harmonize your interactions in the best way.

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