Which Minecraft should I buy and where to buy or get it?

Minecraft is a world famous video game thanks to the great freedom it offers its users to choose their own way of playing. It has several versions that, for new players, it's reasonable to doubt which Minecraft you should buy.

Simple! A small number of aspects need to be considered such as which features differentiate one version from another, which is better or more profitable and which is ideal for playing multiplayer or with two or more people in Minecraf t.

Which Minecraft should I buy and where can I buy or get it?

    Java version vs. Bedrock: Which Minecraft Should I Buy?

    Minecraft Java is currently available for Windows in all its different versions, as well as MacOS and Linux. Basically, you can play on any operating system where you can install Java, being considered the best PC version.

    On the reverse of the coin, however, there is Minecraft Bedrock, disponibile per Windows 10, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android e iOS. Therefore, if the above is optimal for PC, this is the version indicated for consoles and portable devices.

    Knowing the full reach of each version of the game in advance will make it clear to you which is the most convenient for your needs, based on your decision on the platforms you have at home, be it console or PC.

    If you have the Windows 10 operating system, it means that you won't have to choose just one of the two options due to lack of resources. In order to finalize the decision as to which Minecraft a user should purchase, there is also another major dilemma between the two to be known.

    Minecraft java provides a large percentage of add-ons for free to enhance the player experience.

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    However, the Bedrock version offers very few additional tools for free, limiting the only way to acquire them is through an upfront payment (it's as if you decide to download the demo version of Minecraft). Such add-ons are called " Skin, Mods o Addons "that are not compatible between one version and another, that is, you must know for sure which version it belongs to.

    Where to buy Minecraft Java or Bedrock?

    At this point, the decision as to which Minecraft each player should buy should be on track. The next step is to log into the game's official website. Once inside the Minecraft domain, a welcome message and a brief description of the game will be detailed at a glance. Awards "Get Minecraft". The next option will open, showing an interactive menu showing how to enter the game. Choose between " computer "," Mobile devices "," Sideboard "or" Others "as appropriate.

    By remembering which platforms each version of the game is accessible for respectively, you can choose how you want to play. If we take the option " computer ", a new menu will appear: Press" PC "," MAC "or" Linux "depending on what is available.

    MacOS and Linux, since they do not work with Windows, only allow the download of the Java version; however, if you choose the " PC ", you can purchase both Java and Bedrock (or Windows 10) editions alike.

    It is important to note that the license acquired for the Java it will be the same for any platform o operating system using Java; Conversely, the Bedrock version works with a different license for each platform, device or operating system you want to play on (you can also choose to download and install Minecraft PE pocket edition, for mobile phones)

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    Minecraft Java has a single cost of $ 26,95, while Minecraft Bedrock or Windows 10, it can have a value of 29,99 or 49,99 euros , depending on the package the user wants to get.

    In short, " Minecraft Java Edition" it is more profitable and more playable than its rival. It has a larger community and its reach can be easily expanded thanks to its free plugins. That's why it should be the version every new user buys for the first time, but you have the final say. Successes!

    Remember that there is a way, to download and install Minecraft for free, but it's not that profitable because as mentioned before they won't give you any advantage and playing online will be difficult.

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