Which Netflix series or movies do you recommend to be good?

In the vast ocean of entertainment on this popular platform, we sometimes wonder, which Netflix series or movies do you recommend to be good? Well, we will help you with this interesting task. But first let's explore what that entails Netflix .

What Netflix series or movies do you recommend that are good?

      The Netflix world between series and movies

      Netflix offers a service of streaming (rebroadcast or continuous broadcast) which invites to a vast world of entertainment, which makes it difficult to choose good series or movies. It can be used on any device connected to the internet and via Wi-Fi, among the teams you can count on the Wii consoles to download and install the platform. You can even enjoy Netflix on a non-Smart TV.

      Well, to get down to business, log into netflix and enjoy the entertainment. We will first mention Movies with a short review so that you have an idea of ​​what it is and then we will indicate the series.

      Movies recommended by Netflix

      Virus. In this time of pandemics and diseases, films that have gone unnoticed have literally gone viral and are very interesting. Consider what can happen when a deadly disease spirals out of control. Remember it's fiction.

      I lost my body. A very curious title. Well, it's a fresh and new French animation. To take a break from Disney and anime productions. It focuses on two stories; a young carpenter named Naoufel, who is having an affair in the city of Paris, and the severed hand of another young man who escapes from the workshop determined to find the body where he belongs ...

      My name is Dolemite . Return to the screen with the famous actor Eddie Murphy, with a little known but very captivating story that has already received good reviews. He plays Rudy Ray Moore, musician, comedian and rap forerunner, adopted the personality of Dolemite, which stood out in the film noir boom of the 70s.

      A silent voice or a silent voice (2016) . Beautiful story with a great message and teaching, highlights the importance of having empathy for those around us. It is about a young man named Shoya, who is haunted by the guilt of bullying a deaf-mute student with bullying, the girl's name is Shoko Nishiyima.

      Shoyo consumed by guilt sets out to do things right, learns the sign language and try to ask Nishiyima for forgiveness, a shy romance is built in the process... you finally understand who is really physically handicapped. Don't miss this great story. Excellent animation with visual details surprising .

      Series recommended by Netflix

      Omniscient . Brazilian series consisting of 10 chapters. Why is it called Omniscient? It is due to a drone that observes and follows the inhabitants of a city at all times, making sure that the city does not report crimes or crimes. However, a crime occurs that is not reported or captured by the device…

      Queen I am . A South African agent, one of her best, together with her organization fights against political corruption and terrorists, to achieve the liberation of Africa from white power and prevent a Russian woman from withholding resources. Fulfilling her mission, she encounters past wounds such as the death of her mother, a human rights activist.

      Hi my love . If you want to see novels that combine technology and romance, this series is ideal, with a great underlying message. This South Korean series is about a love story between an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and a lonely girl. She is blind due to childhood trauma.

      His life changes when he accidentally starts using the HoloGlass (Hologram Lens) and builds a good relationship with Holo (the boy who sees in the glasses). What he doesn't know is that there is a real boy identical to Holo, its inventor. What will happen when they meet?

      These tips, as we highlighted in the preamble, are stories with content and a great message to share as a family. Now, if you don't have an account yet, what are you waiting for? create one in just a few steps and enjoy these recommended series and movies for netflix. We hope you enjoyed reading the reviews tell us how it went.

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