Which stores accept Mach? Where can I buy exactly?

There are currently many virtual store platforms offering products of any type through different pages, catalogs willing to offer a large variety of merchandise of your preference that you can buy in a very simple way, paying with the bank credit card available to you, or through platforms such as Paypal without the need for a bank account.

Buy with care in online stores

Of course not everything is pink and you should know before buying in an online store if it has a sufficient degree of security and trust and which also has all the necessary parameters to avoid theft or scams at the time of purchase.

As this is a very common case with most people wanting to shop in online stores but not checking if the same page is trustworthy, it is more advisable buy only on pages that have already been verified.

In case you don't know, virtual stores are very easy to do, as well as be available to all users thanks to the large number of platforms that offer to create your online store so that you can start offering any type of product you want, you can create virtual stores on Facebook for free easily.

However, the problem with most people who want to buy something on the Internet is that they don't have the necessary means of payment or that the page they want to buy on doesn't allow them to pay with certain credit cards. as in the case of Mach.

What is Mach and which platforms allow you to pay with it?

Mach is a virtual credit card that will allow you to use it as a means of payment in some online store platforms and also to be able to buy any product you want , this card is normally available for purchase in foreign and domestic online stores that accept Prepaid.

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A very important factor is that the Mach virtual card can be used by yours dispositivo mobile smart , which means you can use it from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

Although you must take into account that in order to purchase any product you will need to have the necessary money available in your account balance to cover the total cost of the item you want to buy as this platform does not allow payment in installments because it works like a prepaid card.

That is to say, immediately discount the amount of the available balance, which in this case of not having it, the purchase will simply be rejected by the same virtual store you are in.

Where can I shop with Mach

You can really use this credit card practically in any virtual shop and you can add it in any application or platform that requires the insertion of the data of a credit card since the Mach card provides all the necessary data such as the security code of the card and the number of it.

With Mach you will be able to purchase monthly or annual subscription of various platforms, including the most popular such as Netflix, Apple Music, Disney +, or also Spotify

And you can also use it as a means of payment in different national and international online stores, adding it as a credit card in virtual store pages such as Mercado Libre, Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, Ebay among other online stores where you want to buy, below We will teach you how to shop with Mach on online digital platforms

How to buy using Mach in the open market?

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