Which unlocking system is faster between Face ID and Touch ID?

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For us who use mobile phones on a daily basis, whether for work, study or simply as a hobby, it is important to keep all our information securely safeguarded.

As we know, Apple devices have been using the Touch ID unlock method on their devices for years using the Home button, but since launch dell'iPhone X Apple has decided to remove the Home button and add a face unlock system Face ID.

While the vast majority of Apple consumers didn't think it was the best idea in the world to remove the Home button and add Face ID, others found it interesting and innovative. Also because they can add and set up Face ID for two different people.

When it comes to unlocking your mobile with Touch ID, no matter if you are wearing gloves or if your fingers are wet, it will still unlock. Likewise, Face ID will recognize your face whether you are wearing glasses (sunglasses or reading glasses) or wearing a mask, it will still recognize your face.

Differences between Touch ID and Face ID

Then a Are Touch ID or Face ID better? Next we will see what are the differences between these two unlocking methods and which one is faster.

touch ID

Apple introduced Touch ID in the 2013 to the launch of the iPhone 5s, from there the other mobile devices that Apple has announced over the years have integrated this unlocking method.

The Home button is coated with sapphire crystal, which allows you to detect your fingerprint. This sensor uses advanced capacitive touch technology to obtain a high resolution image of the fingerprint from small sections of subepidermal layers. Touch ID classifies the fingerprint into one of three basic types: arc, loop or spiral.

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Touch ID can read multiple fingerprints, and is capable of reading one 360 degree angle and thus creates a mathematical presentation of the fingerprint and compares it with the data already recorded to identify the correspondence and thus be able to unlock the device.

All fingerprints are unique, so it is impossible for two different fingerprints to be close enough for Touch ID to register them as a match. You can use Touch ID to buy apps and songs instead of entering your Apple ID account key. The best thing about this unlocking system is that it's super easy to set up.

This locking system does not store photos of your fingerprint, it only uses a mathematical representation, which makes it impossible for someone to redraw your fingerprint image from this stored data.

Face ID

La tech Face ID and It was launched by Apple in 2017 at the launch of the iPhone X, where Apple announced it would no longer have a Home button with a Touch ID unlocking system but would have facial recognition, so it's only available in iPhone X or later.

The TrueDepth camera accurately captures facial data by projecting and analyzing over 30.000 invisible points that create a depth map of the face from which an infrared image is obtained.

Face ID automatically adjusts to changes in appearance, such as makeup or facial hair growth. If there is a very noticeable change in the face, Face ID confirm identity through the user code before updating the face data and it is quite easy to set up.

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It is designed to identify yours face independently from the fact that you wear a lot of accessories on your face. It works both indoors and outdoors, even in total darkness, so in all circumstances you can unlock your phone.

¿Touch ID o Face ID?

After much testing they came to the conclusion that Touch ID is a bit faster than Face ID facial recognition. The difference is minimal. It all depends on the comfort and preferences of the consumer, as for some it is faster and more convenient to pick up the phone and for others it is better to simply place your finger on the home button.

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