Which video format is better and less heavy to send on WhatsApp?

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In this article we will show you which video format is better and weighs less to send via WhatsApp and so that your video arrives in high quality and in record time. If you need to submit a video and want to know what the most recommended video format is, don't move here, we will show you which one is ideal.

Technology today is truly amazing. It is beyond reproach that technology has influenced changes really supportive in terms of interpersonal communication . The devices have come a long way because they are made up of amazing and highly advanced features.

Today's devices run at a fully productive speed in all aspects. The comfort these offer you when communicate , capture beautiful glimpses, documents important moments is a great advantage.

Now it is no longer a problem to register with your mobile devices since allow you impressive video quality. That's why you need to give yourself the opportunity to explore your device so that you can show your family and friends the place you've visited or something you want them to know through a video.

WhatsApp worldwide is the most used and preferred instant messaging by many. As it is the preferred messaging application, many people go about their business through this medium. Activities such as sending pictures, documents, the sharing your real location among others.

    What are the video formats accepted by WhatsApp?

    One of the wonderful functions that WhatsApp offers you is sharing videos with one or more people. If you want to send a long video without cutting it, the correct video format to share a video in high definition is without much weight is the MP4 format.

    MP4 format is essential to get videos with extraordinary resolution. The quality that this format offers you is pleasant, undoubtedly the image quality will not make you doubt that this is the best format to share a video in a WhatsApp chat.

    The transmission of the video that you will share will be quite fluid , it will maintain clarity and flawless audio. Thanks to these virtues, this is the best known and most useful format. Likewise, this format allows you to manage and edit video files achieving a quality very similar to that of an original DVD.

    MP4 consists of a really wide support that allows you to adapt audiovisual contents to the PC and to all types of devices, reproducing them without any inconvenience. If you want to share a video on WhatsApp that is nice and designed to provide audio , a clear picture and does not stop when played, this is the right format.

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    The qualities of MP4 provide a quality of Archiving optimal , improving distribution and sharing ability, no matter how many chats you want to share your video with.

    Another effective option to send a video on WhatsApp with little weight

    You tried sharing a video and it didn't give you the results you expected. You have a few seconds to go know the right application in so that your video has a higher quality and is as light as possible.

    We know that you are looking for the best way to send a video via WhatsApp without being heavy and also that its image is perfect. We show you an effective option so that you can shrink your video and share it seamlessly with your family or friends.

    We show you an excellent application called 'VideoCompressor' without a doubt it is one of the best, although there are also other applications that help you reduce the weight of a video without losing quality. In this case we have chosen 'VideoCompressor' as it is very easy to use and is undoubtedly very functional.

    Now you just need to download this application and open it. Then click on the "Compress" option and select the video you want to shrink, the application will give you the resolutions to which you can compress your video. Choose the resolution you want and to save click on the 'Save' option. Once saved, go to the video conversion process.

    What size and duration must a video have to be sent via WhatsApp?

    Unlike platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp has some limitations when it comes to sharing multimedia content, as most of these files, be it photos, videos, audios, etc. They have a maximum size of about 16 MB.

    For most devices, 16MB equals about 90 seconds or more, about 3 minutes of video. Although, of course, the duration of this will vary based on its definition and quality. You can send longer videos, but these must have been recorded outside the WhatsApp camera and at a lower resolution, and then use the 'attach files' option to share them.

    Likewise, the duration of a video to update the status cannot exceed 30 seconds, and this measurement is the same for all videos, regardless of their quality.

    How to compress video files to send on WhatsApp

    One of the big challenges for all content creators, be they photo or video, is the fact of send large files via WhatsApp, main reason why they decide to switch to Telegram.

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    There are several ways to optimize the size of our videos so that they can be sent from WhatsApp without compromising their quality or duration. The main method of doing this is to make our video a ZIP file , which is a compressed file. We can achieve this with programs like WinRar and Zipeg.

    Another highly recommended method for achieving this is use integrated video editing programs, such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Which are programs that allow us to load our videos and then save them with certain specifications, which will make them weigh less, but will keep their quality.

    Apps and websites available

    There are many applications and websites to compress items, in the internet we can find all kinds of file compressors, which will allow us to intervene from PDF documents, images, videos and songs.

    One of the most used online programs for this type of purpose is "I love IMG", for images and "Online-converter.com", both online and free.

    Compress videos from your mobile with an app

    A viable option, if you don't want to use your computer or just don't have one, is to run all compressions from your mobile via an app , and guys we're in luck, as there are all kinds of applications to accomplish this, some of them like:

    • Video Compressor.
    • Resize the video.
    • VidCompact.
    • Transcodificatore video.
    • Smart video compressor.

    Each of these applications will serve to transform those heavy videos that we take on our mobile, in order to send them without any problem. We will just have to download the one that seems best to us, select the video to compress and that's it.

    Compress videos to send via WhatsApp from PC

    As mentioned above, they do exist different ways to be able to compress videos directly from the PC, one simpler than the other. Moving from the classic Zip file using Winrar and going through the video editors to optimize its size

    Another way is to use online tools like "Online Converter" or "clipchamp", which are software that will allow you to compress your videos without having to download a specific program.

    Change the video format to a less heavy or compatible one

    There are many video formats, each with different characteristics. Between the most important video formats , we can find some such as:

    • MP4.
    • AV.
    • MKV.
    • FLV.
    • MOV.
    • WMV.

    The idea, among many others, is to find the format that allows you to optimize the video dimensions in the best possible way. One of these formats it can be MP4 , which allows you to play files even in FULL HD, with a much lower weight than other formats.

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    Tricks for sending a long video

    WhatsApp it is not a messaging application that stands out for its practicality in sending files of any kind. Because as mentioned above, the WhatsApp user faces fairly low limits on how much to upload files on a daily basis.

    But there are always all ways to cope and thus resolve these situations. There are different types of converters, compressors, loading applications, etc. Who will always look for a way to give al your video the best performance, in so that its sending via WhatsApp is not so stormy.

    Some of the best tricks for being able to send long-term videos are:

    • Compress videos using ZIP files.
    • Lower its quality.
    • Change the format to MP4 or similar, (which requires less weight).
    • Optimize your performance by using video editing software.

    What to do if WhatsApp does not allow me to upload my video?

    In most cases, WhatsApp doesn't allow users to upload videos for 3 main reasons. The first is the video size , is the most common, since if you want to send a video that exceeds 16 MB, surely WhatsApp will not allow it.

    Another reason why WhatsApp doesn't allow us to upload a video is because of the our connection speed, a element that has nothing to do with the upload size allowed by WhatsApp. Another possible factor for which it will be impossible to upload to WhatsApp will be due to our available storage space.

    In both cases, there will always be a solution. If our problem is the size of the video, we can always find a way to compress it, now, if the problem is the connection speed, there are several solutions to this problem, such as prioritizing our file upload, directing our width bandwidth just for that. And finally, if the problem is related to the memory of our device, this will be solved simply by emptying our memory and having a good external memory.

    If you are still determined to use WhatsApp to send large files, it is very likely that you will have to apply one of the tips explained above . If not, you can always switch to Telegram.

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