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When you buy a used or new cell phone, there is a possibility that there are system failures , if the mobile phone is new, these possibilities diminish, although they are not excluded.

This can be the reason for numerous factors, however, it can be solved by experienced technicians, without the need to change the mobile phone, and also by the owners of the equipment .

There is also a remote possibility that the fault is in the internal system of the Samsung cell phone and this is irreparable , although not è almost never like this.

If it is a factory failure of the mobile phone and for this reason it is not possible to receive calls or make calls, the office or shop where it was purchased (in the case of a new mobile phone) has the obligation to replace the equipment with another fully functional.

In the event that it is a used equipment and the failure is irreparable, it will be up to to the former owner answer by cell phone, unless there is an intermediate contract that states what to do in this type of situation. Similar to when the Samsung mobile phone is stuck in the logo.

    We all agree that today's Samsung mobile phones perform far more functions than just receiving and making calls. However, it is one of the essential basic functions so most of us acquire a cellphone.

    It seems absurd that a Samsung cellphone cannot receive calls, it makes us think “if I bought it for this”. But yes, there is a possibility that your Samsung mobile it was sold with a factory defect or you simply have some problem that you can definitely solve on your own.

    One of the most common reasons is the bad positioning of the SIM , to make sure you have the SIM correctly positioned check the tray slot it is placed in and verify that all edges match. The SIM may move after the Samsung phone is hit or dropped.

    The mobile can carry more options in its system configuration so that it cannot receive or make calls. One of them is that you have a call forwarding active . You can check this in the mobile settings, in the call option.

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    Probable reasons why you are not receiving calls on your mobile

    There are many causes why your cell phone is not receiving calls, you may not have noticed it, but if it is nothing serious, you can fix it yourself. Therefore, we have brought you some of the most common causes of this problem. This way you can check that everything is in order before you want to call a technician or an operator.

    The reasons why you cannot receive calls on your Samsung mobile could also be the culprits for which you cannot make calls from the same mobile. The possible reasons why your Samsung mobile phone has problems receiving and sending calls are:

    Check the status of your SIM card

    A common cause for not being able to receive phone calls on the mobile phone is due to a damaged SIM card. Although your mobile never shows that the card is not being read correctly, the best way to override this option is to turn off the phone, remove the SIM card, wipe it gently with a cotton cloth and reinsert it.

    If when you turn on the phone it starts to work perfectly and you are able to receive calls without interruption, there will be no need to worry, as it was sure that the SIM was not inserted correctly.

    There is also the call blocking by the telephone company . If we have tried to solve this problem by ourselves, via the configuration or settings of the Samsung mobile phone and it did not work, the next thing is to call the operator to make sure that we have not blocked the calls from our mobile by mistake

    Turn off airplane mode

    Turn airplane mode on and off . This can work when there is a slight lack of signal or you are in "emergency call only" mode.

    This is one of the most common mistakes, activating airplane mode is a hobby that perhaps many people have. Therefore, you should be aware if the reason you are not receiving calls is this. If you are one of those people who accidentally activate airplane mode, deactivate it in the top bar of your mobile (airplane icon).

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    Make sure you don't have call forwarding active

    If at any time you have decided to divert calls and now you want to bring it back to your real mobile number, you just have to change it through the phone settings. So when you set it up, you can already receive calls.

    Check if you have defined only a few contacts that you can exchange calls with while you have blocked the rest of the contacts . You can do this by checking your call and contact settings

    Check for internal or external damage

    If in all these cases your smartphone still does not receive calls, there is likely to be internal damage to the antenna of your mobile phone due to a strong blow received at one point. To corroborate the situation, you can observe the disappearance of the signal on the top of your mobile, in addition, it is advisable to contact the technical service.

    Go to a professional technician . In case the manual change in the call configuration did not work, you can try to contact an experienced telephone technician so that he can check if the problem is inside the mobile phone, for example if the signal antenna has been internally damaged, or has moved.

    Solutions to start receiving calls

    When we cannot receive or make calls from the Samsung mobile phone, we can try to solve the problem by ourselves, via the mobile phone settings, in the calls or contacts option.

    There we can check what is wrong and try to fix it, for example that we have changed the reception of calls only for some contacts , which is configured in flight mode , mode notte or " do not disturb ".

    In case you observe that cellphone has no signal , is an indication that the problem could be with the SIM or internal antenna of the Samsung mobile phone.

    To start receiving calls without interruption, follow these steps and keep them in mind to troubleshoot subsequent errors.

    Unlock your SIM card

    If you have yours SIM locked, you will not be able to receive or make calls, the number that is assigned to you when you have it is what makes these telephone communications possible. When it comes to unlocking the SIM card, the first thing you need is the PUK code, if you don't have it, contact the company so you can get it.

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    When your SIM has been blocked e you have the PUK code, will facilitate entry and unlocking of the card. As long as the PUK code is correct as you have 3 possibilities to enter it, otherwise the SIM is blocked permanently.

    Unblock your contacts before calling them

    You will be surprised to know that not only on social networks you can block a contact , you can do it directly through your address book and this is one of the reasons why you cannot receive calls. The solution to this? Unblock the phone number in the same option and get ready to start receiving calls.

    Contact the service center

    One of the most effective ways to keep receiving calls is to contact the operator of your mobile phone service center or telephone line. They, from the experience in this sector, will offer you new solutions and possible causes different from those previously thought.

    How to activate or deactivate call restriction on my Samsung mobile?

    Many users are looking for a way to activate call blocking, to reasons for safety or for other shared reasons. At Samsung this option is very simple:

    1. While on your Samsung home screen, tap on Calls.
    2. Click on the 3 dots that appear on the right side.
      go to settings.
    3. Click on additional services
    4. The last step, press call restriction and choose to disable or enable in calls and video calls.
      Keep your mobile data and cache free to always receive calls.

    Residual files of your phone when they exceed the storage limits, they do not allow your mobile to react or function quickly and efficiently. It is important that the data and cache of your device are kept clean or moderate to receive calls, so you will not have problems receiving calls, because if, on the contrary, your Android does not have enough space, it becomes slow and heavy to answer properly. .

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