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Pokémon is one of the best known and most successful franchises in the world, since its inception as an RPG video game in 1996 it has had a major impact not only on the gamer community but on pop culture as such. Pokémon over the years, in addition to producing games, has been responsible for making their own television series, movies, role-playing cards, toys, clothes, and many other items.

As is known, pokémon is present on the vast majority of platforms, consoles and operating systems, presenting the its varied series of games for more than a couple of decades.

But if we are to talk about a title as such that caused a positive stir when it was released, we must talk about the popular Pokémon Masters for Android and iOS systems. Next we will tell you much more about this interesting game .

What is Pokémon Master EX and what does it offer us?

It is a popular video game launched on the market in mid-2019 by the developer Nintendo and other associated companies. As we said before, this is totally about being a title for mobile devices with Android and iOS operating system, managing to be part of the group of video games for terminals such as the lucky Pokémon GO.

The main purpose of Pokémon Masters EX is to provide the player with the ability to compete in the acclaimed Pokémon Masters League through 3v3 team battles. Our main objective will be to become champion of this important tournament, as well as having the possibility to carry out activities outside of this one during the same.

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This fun and interesting game is completely available in the different stores of the Android and iOS operating systems, to be more precise, in the Google Play Store and the App Store . We will also have the option to get this app as an APK file from an alternative or third party store. We recommend some options like Uptodown, APKfree or Aptoide.

Why can't I download or install Pokemon Master for Android?

Mobile devices are divided according to their quality into 3 types, high-end, mid-range and low-end. If for some reason you have a low-end device that is considered to be of this type because it has low specs, it is very unlikely that you will be able to play Pokémon Masters because this game requires the user to have good features in order to enjoy it normally.

Another reason you can't play this game is there your Android OS version . These types of games are updated from time to time in order to resolve any type of error and therefore also asks for the latest versions of the Android system.

Finally, one of the most common reasons for this problem is due to internal storage space. Once the download has started, we may not realize exactly how much space we have left in memory and finally the message appears that the download cannot continue to be processed , rather annoying mistake.

How can I solve these problems?

If you have a low-end mobile, the best thing you can do is free up as much RAM as you can during the game. This will allow the game to function relatively normally.

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If you have an older version of the Android OS we will have to check for the latest updates and proceed with the download to have the possibility to install Pokémon Masters. Once this is done, we can download the app normally.

On the other hand, if your mistake is that you are low on memory space, the best thing you can do is delete all those files that you don't actually use, just like with applications. Once done, we can download it without having to worry about storage space.

In case your problem is the Google Play Store , as we said before, you can end up downloading this game from any other alternative or third party store, so that no problems arise.

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