Why can't I download or install WhatsApp on my Windows 10 PC?

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WhatsApp is one of the applications best and most famous when it comes to communications. This Messaging App is very complete, with many tools to make your space the most pleasant place.

The best thing this platform has offered us is that not only the App can be used from a mobile device, but the application it can also be made available downloading it to your computer. If what you want is to be able to install WhatsApp on your laptop or pc you can learn how to download and install WhatsApp for Windows PC and Mac

This App is available and free for all computers and their latest versions of Windows. Although most of the downloads are for Windows 10, this is available in its desktop mode being quite practical especially when the person works or studies from the PC and needs to keep in touch with others.

    How to download and install WhatsApp on my PC

    Download WhatsApp for PC without mobile

    Why can't I use WhatsApp web?

    Although the application is very good and has many downloads from its official site lately, many users have reported having errors while processing of the WhatsApp installation , they claim to get some sort of message saying "Installation failed".

    The problem could be for any reason, but it would normally be a fault that needs to be linked to some error in the computer , and this could be a direct failure of the operating system.

    If this is your problem, keep reading this article, here we will show you some tips to be able to install WhatsApp easily and without complications on your computer.

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    As a first option, we recommend that you download the latest version of WhatsApp . Many times the problem can be related to a failure of WhatsApp versions. To avoid this, it is best to download the App from the official website.

    Before downloading the new app, delete the application from the control panel, otherwise the same error will continue to appear. Here we explain step by step everything that has been mentioned above:

    • First you need to enter the official WhatsApp page.
    • Then select the option that goes according to the version of your operating system, Windows 64-bit or 32-bit.
    • Once the App has been downloaded, move the WhatsApp file to the desktop and proceed to complete the installation by pressing the right mouse button and then clicking on " Run as administrator Once this is done, an application icon will appear. Be generated automatically.
    • And voila, now you just have to open the application and verify your data , the application will work without problems.

    Mobile phone connection problems

    PC connection problems

    Unable to install WhatsApp on Windows 10

    If you're still having trouble installing, we have another method here. This can be seen as a direct conflict in the app WhatsApp.

    It is very likely that the new versions of WhatsApp start with a problem in the .exe file which is generated after installation. A temporary way to fix this is to always run the installer.

    That's right, what you should do is select the installer at all times and the application will open directly, of course, without having to use the icon that was generated on the desktop, as it will most likely not open because it encounters flaws.

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    WhatsApp Windows 10 installation failed

    When none of the options work for you, you will have no choice but to switch between the WhatsApp desktop app and yours Web page . When you use WhatsApp Web you will not have to install anything, to use it you have to go to WhatsApp web and the option to scan your QR code and synchronize your WhatsApp will appear immediately.

    Accessing WhatsApp Web is very simple. After doing all the above, you will be ready to enjoy WhatsApp on your computer.

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