Why can't I join or join a meeting in Teams?

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In these pandemic times we have been forced to look for many methods for maintain contact and communication , mainly with our loved ones and friends. There are even people who have resorted to working online or working with a company from their home.

Adapt to this virtual world it hasn't been that easy for some people. But gradually we forced ourselves to wake up and turn on the laptop or phone to be able to attend a class, be in a business meeting or be able to communicate with a family member.

    Teams is one of the most used digital platforms right now. Developed by Microsoft and available for different operating systems such as Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, IOS, macOS.

    With this platform you can have conversations with your work team or colleagues from university or school. You can make a video or voice call , with split screen if you want, you can also make two video calls in Teams at the same time. So you don't miss a thing.

    This platform where the his main idea is communication , integrates the chat between users and the different methods to be able to enjoy the same application, thus being able to add content and tools, file storage and integration of applications to obtain in this way a content improvement.

    This application is being used a lot lately and some users have reported problems with not being able to access the Teams platform , causing some inconvenience and more when we have to attend a very important meeting. We know you've made errors while attending a meeting, so we'll tell you what to do in those cases.

    Why won't it let me join meetings in Teams?

    Joining and joining a Teams meeting is very simple, and even so, with such a good application, the registered users having problems joining a meeting. For the rest, no complaints have been made regarding the application.

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    There is a chance you can create your account for free in Teams or you can enter as a guest at one of the meetings. You can also use the application via its desktop version or via the Teams official website. For how to access the App platform there is no problem, failure is when we want to enter the meeting.

    Methods for joining a Teams meeting when it won't let me in

    Something very important that you should know is that in order to access the platform or meetings you must have a good internet connection , since without this it will be impossible to open the pages and if you have a very low Internet signal, the App will be charged just in case. Make sure you have a good connection before attending one of the meetings and for this you need to measure the speed of your internet connection.

    If you have a good internet connection then there must be more problems with being able to enter the platform. We will explain some of them. Check if the date and time of your computer, laptop, tablet or device on which you are about to join the meeting are correct and agree with your time zone .

    Also, when you log into the App, we have several options to do so: join via link, join via calendar, join via channel, and join from chat. If you are trying to connect by other means, it will not be possible to obtain it.

    There is a little known tool among users and that is the creator or owner of a meeting has the option of accepting participants or not wishing to join the meeting, if the creator does not accept you, you will not be able to join the platform.

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    This could be one of the reasons you cannot enter and it prevents you from attending the meeting. In this case, what you can do is find a way to communicate with l' administrator of the meeting to accept you on the platform. And voila, with this you can calmly enter your meetings.

    Join a meeting using a link

    With a code

    No account

      • Join meetings in Teams using the Teams web app

        • When you are in a meeting, you will still have the option to disable both the camera and the microphone , if you prefer.

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