Why can't I see 360-degree videos on my cellphone or cellphone? - Solution

Since the beginning of the modern era, man has been quite clear on his horizon, since he intends to take the society of which he is part of the highest point of evolution, having as allies his creativity and imagination, the time has shown he was quite capable of creating, inventing and innovating artifacts that facilitated the way they lived.

Among these artifacts, we could mention some of the most incredible that undoubtedly have revolutionized the last 200 years, among them we can mention the light bulb, the phone, the alternating current and computers, this whole set of artifacts and more are the pioneers of what we may know today as telephones.

Phones are currently quite useful compared to what they were about 20 years ago, a phone at the time was very limited, had very few features and barely had an operating system, on the other hand today there are several functions in our phones, whether it's communicating, playing games, creating content, enjoying live broadcasts, videos of all kinds, and even being able to watch 360-degree videos.

    Why can't I see 360-degree videos on my mobile?

    This is not a new problem, it has already existed in several phones and applications, that we cannot play 360 degree videos in particular, this could be due to many factors, due to the kind of range a gyroscope does not have in our phone, because of the application in which you want to play the 360-degree video, by the way, however, yes they can try some solutions to see if you can play 360-degree videos.

    There is also the case that the application you want to see the video for is out of date and that is why it does not have the option. For this reason it is important to keep them updated. In other cases, we do not have the necessary version of the application or are mistaken in believing that it works and does not work.

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    Another of the main reasons is that you don't really know how to search for these videos, that is, you don't type the correspondent in the search engine to be able to see the videos in 360.

    How to play 360 videos on mobile devices

    Currently one of the ways to view these videos is through a platform owned by Google and is called Google Cardboard, which has wide capacity to view 360 video or even virtual reality video. Whether it's an animated video, sports, concerts, or whatever else you like in 360, you can enjoy them even more by seeing all their angles.

    There is a distinction between virtual reality videos because they give depth and you get to the point that you think this is part of the real world. Those 360 ​​instead do not have these characteristics but it is one of the qualities most used by users and the best of all, is that with Google Cardborard can be accessed . Likewise, we will show you on other platforms what the steps are like to see this type of 360 video as well.


    Let's start with one of the largest applications out there, in this case YouTube, the first what we need to do is go to our device store and see if we have the updated YouTube application, if not, we update it.

    If we already have our updated application, then suddenly it may happen that we are not exactly looking for a 360-degree video, for this we enter the YouTube application, go to the search engine and let's type # 360Video , YouTube will start a search and show us all the videos In this format, we access the video we want and move with the phone in the direction we want, if not, we move it with our finger.

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    With Facebook, the steps are similar to YouTube too, first we have to use the full version of Facebook, as the Lite version does not contain features such as viewing 360-degree images or videos, the same way to see our version of Facebook is up to date at the moment.If we receive a post with a 360-degree video or image, a wheel will appear at the top that will let people know we can move at ease.

    In an extreme case where you have followed most or absolutely all of these tips and have not been able to see a 360-degree video on your phone, the solution is unlikely, as this means that our phone does not function as a gyroscope. or an accelerometer, you are currently in one of the new terminals is integrated, but if you have a slightly old phone then you don't have it.

    But don't worry, there are applications like, this is available in the Google Play Store, if your terminal is Android you can download it and then try this application, it works like a YouTube-like platform, only in this case It is especially for 360-degree videos, where you can watch music videos, documentaries and all kinds of 360-degree content.

    How to watch YouTube videos with virtual reality glasses

    If you really want to live this great experience, you have to follow a few steps, all via Google Cardboard; which gives us the opportunity within everyone's reach.

    • The first thing you should do is log into YouTube and open any video of your preference.
    • The next thing you should do is find and click on the three dots icon.
    • Then a you have to select the Cardboard option and the screen will be split into two videos.
    • Finally, put on your glasses and enjoy the experience.
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    It is important to add that with normal videos we will see two screens without too much emotion just like a movie screen but if we access the YouTube search engine and place for example the roller coaster 360 you will enjoy even more and when you move your head , your view will be wider.

    How to watch a 360-degree panoramic video without glasses

    You can actually log into YouTube and enter panoramic videos in the search engine. Then access the one you want and perform the previously explained steps. Likewise, you can see it completely without glasses, but it is important to note that the experience will not be the same . The glasses make the experience even bigger and you can have a wide view, but you can really see them without them.

    What types of video formats can be played on phones?

    With the mobile devices we have, we have infinite functions, among these we can see the video sections, for example we can use our mobile phones with virtual reality glasses, with it we can experience games of all kinds, we can also have video on our phone in mp4 or mkv format also to play, also watch videos from youtube or from any 360 degree interactive platform.

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