Why can't I view or catch Pokemon in Pokemon GO with the AR camera?

In case you're wondering why can't i see or catch pokémon in pokémon GO with the AR camera? We recommend that you read this guide where we will talk about it and some ways to solve the problem.

First you have to have a compatible mobile phone with the new AR + feature built into Pokémon GO, which you can easily activate from the main menu and slide it to the right to start using the camera. This will allow us to go and catch all our Pokémon through the different places we move.

If you want to know if your mobile is compatible with Pokémon GO AR, here are some versions available

  • For Android devices: must be compatible with ARCore and have Android version 7.0 and higher for all devices. However, in case you don't have the first point, you can easily install ARCore from the Google Play Store.
  • For iOS devices: it is only available for iPhone 6s onwards, as they all have the main features that will allow the use of AR in Pok√©mon GO.

The process to launch the AR camera is very simple, try to catch any Pokémon. At the top right of the screen you will find the AR button , just press it to activate it and augmented reality will start working.

What is shown first will also work in case your mobile is unable to display augmented reality. Then, devi simply disable the AR option , which also helps to solve many other AR camera problems in Pokemon GO.

In relation to what was shown above, there is a possibility that the game does not work correctly even when the mobile is able to represent augmented reality. This occurs when the game starts in non augmented reality mode .

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It is highly unlikely, but there is a possibility that an error will occur while acquiring the Pokémon in Pokémon GO when the application is corrupted or has problems. Pokémon GO may also be out of date. If so, it is better to delete Pokémon GO and update the Pokémon Go game to the latest version, which may fix the problem.

Your device is unable to use augmented reality

Pokémon GO is a video game focused on augmented reality technology. This technology is one of the many foundations that make Pokémon GO a great video game. However, your device does not currently need to have all the tools that allow you to observe the augmented reality of the game .

In other words, Pokémon GO does not require your device to have a gyroscope and other elements necessary to recreate the effect of augmented reality. This may sound like a good thing and it really is, since most devices are compatible with the video game.

Even so, if your device is not compatible with augmented reality, it will not be able to view it and even the video game will tell you to disable this option . It is definitely recommended, because sometimes, problems with augmented reality can cause the "Pokémon Go freezes and won't open" error, although it is rare.

You indicate that your mobile phone is unable to represent augmented reality

It is definitely recommended to check if your device has a gyroscope, in any case, if you want to know it much more immediately, Pokemon GO itself gives us some clues. Indeed, there are means of knowing if your device cannot display augmented reality.

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This will be seen much more easily in Pokémon battles. If you notice that the Pokémon you are trying to catch appears at the bottom of the screen or in an unnatural way, also the mobile does not respond to camera movements , with great confidence we can determine that the cellphone is unable to represent the RA camera.

When augmented reality is activated on an incompatible mobile, it becomes very difficult to catch Pokémon from Pokémon GO. Therefore, it is better disable AR camera functions of the game.

On the other hand, if your problem is exactly the opposite, i.e. augmented reality is not displayed even when your device has this feature, there is the possibility that the RA camera is disabled . Fortunately, you can do a very quick setup to activate this feature.

Some failures are still completely unknown, however the most common is due to the lack of updates that the App it requires periodically and also its own mobile phone, so that it works at its best. If the camera stops working you will need to look in the settings if it has not been disabled and replace it, so that you can easily catch your Pokémon.

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