Why can't I watch and play videos on my Windows PC?

Problems playing videos on a Windows PC often occur. Users verify that it is impossible to see and play the videos but they do not know the cause of this terrible failure. So if you ask yourself, why can't i watch and play videos on my windows pc? read this interesting article carefully.

Why can't I view and play videos on my Windows PC?

What is Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is a video player that is part of the default Windows applications . This tool allows running multimedia files of various formats and installing codecs to expand its compatibility with respect to audio and video file extensions. For this reason, it is important to download or update Windows Media Player to the latest version.

Sometimes Windows users can't view or play their videos from Windows because Media Player doesn't support the video format they want open on the PC . Hence, this failure becomes a headache when its cause is unknown.

Why can't I watch and play videos on my Windows PC?

There are several causes that may prevent you from watching and playing videos on your Windows PC. Next, we explain each of them and the steps to take when addressing this issue .

Failures of the audio and video player

Generally, we can't watch and play videos on Windows PC when the media player is defective . This component can cause problems if it is not up to date.

Inappropriate video and audio codecs

Have you ever wondered what a codec is and how you can remove or fix the codec from a video? Codecs are elements that allow you to process multimedia files. When there is a damaged codec on the PC, normal video playback may be blocked. Also, if you don't have the codecs appropriate for a specific video format, it will be impossible to view or play multimedia files on your computer.

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PC performance issues

One of the causes that prevents you from watching and playing videos on your computer is due to incompatibility between the hardware and the video format that you want to play. Some formats require high performance from your computer, and if your computer has outdated components, watching a video may be difficult.

GPU incompatibility

Un GPU related technical problem it could be another reason why you can't watch videos on your computer. In that sense, if your GPU doesn't support the video encoding you're trying to open, you might have some problems.

Outdated drivers

Also driver o driver obsolete can cause problems when watching and playing videos. If these components are not up to date, they will not allow proper output from the hardware, be it the CPU or GPU. Which is why it is essential to update your Windows PC drivers.

Activating Flash Player

Some web browsers use video players that need other tools to be able to play multimedia files. For this reason, it is convenient check if your browser uses Flash Player with the reader.

What to do if you can't play videos on your Windows PC

Now that you know the possible causes that keep you from watching videos on your computer, it is necessary apply an effective solution to this fault . Therefore, we recommend that you perform the following activities.

Update your GPU driver

È necessario keep the GPU driver updated . This ensures optimum component performance when playing multimedia files.

Update your audio and video player

Likewise, we recommend that you update your audio and video player if you have an outdated application on your PC that is causing you problems.

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Check the codecs

Codecs are essential for playing certain video file formats. Reason why it is necessary review codecs to detect if they are damaged or if you need to download and install a more complete package. Fortunately, you can download and update codecs with VLC very easily.

Deshabilita Flash Player

If you are trying to watch a video from a web browser but have not been able to do so, we recommend that you check your site settings so that disable "Flash" a due to the instability this tool may cause in the video player.

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