Why does Facebook use a lot of cell phone battery? - Solution

If you asked yourself the question Why Facebook uses a lot of cell phone battery ? And you want to know, how can you fix it or improve it? Well, here we will talk about the topic and tell you what to do.

The Facebook app is currently used by millions of users 24 hours a day. Thus generating thousands of dollars of income. With this money they have always tried to improve the app more and more and make it offer many more services. However, due to all that is included, battery consumption is generally very high.

    Tricks to prevent Facebook from draining the battery of your Android phone or iPhone

    Many times when we use Facebook from our phone, we notice that the battery of the device runs out faster and faster and does not last long. Therefore, we will give you a number of important tips to keep in mind to avoid downloading your mobile while on Facebook.

    Close the background application

    A very practical and simple option is close or stop Facebook when it is running in the background ; This can happen to you regardless of whether you are using the device. To prevent the application from continuing in the background; The first thing to do is to go to the settings of the mobile.

    Then, look inside where all the applications are and locate Facebook; open the app and there you get the option 'force stop' or 'stop application' ; Select based on what comes out on your mobile and voila, when you use the app again, it will work normally.

    Disable Facebook notifications

    You can implement this method for when you're not using Facebook ; which is easy to do since it's just to turn off or turn off notifications from the app.

    First you need to open your Facebook and go to the menu; or with the three horizontal lines icon located in the upper right corner; there go into settings and being in there if you look for 'notifications'. You can deactivate the ones you want or all of them and voila, the changes you made will be saved.

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    Disable background updates

    Background updates cause Facebook to detect whenever a newer version comes out. This keeps the device searching and searching for updates which in turn causes the mobile phone to download.

    To avoid this, then you need to disable it; which is obtained by going to settings, applications and entering Facebook; an option appears here that you need to press according to your mobile phone system; if it is iOS you have to press where it says 'update application in the background'; but if it is android, here it should be in "Restrict background activity" and that easily helps the phone not to drain so fast.

    Change your mobile settings. Android or iPhone

    In case you want to keep using the Facebook app and don't want to use the browser method, you will need to make some changes. From the menu of the settings of your mobile. You will find the app admin, you need to enter it and locate the Facebook app.

    By selecting it, you will have all the data about it, from how much storage space it is using, to the use it has given to the battery since it was last charged. From here you will have to disable some options. You can start with notifications.

    In this section, just turn off the option to show notifications. With this you will not receive notifications, saving battery and mobile data. The next thing is to limit the use of the data in the background. In this menu you have to select that the app cannot use mobile data if it is not opened directly.

    This means that the processor of your device does not constantly update the news of the app, this is one of the most effective methods to save battery, especially on android devices.

    Disable automatic playback of videos

    If you are using Facebook and the videos are playing automatically, it means that you have this feature turned on and what we often ignore is that consumes the battery of the device .

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    Then open your Facebook account, go to the menu which is the horizontal lines in the right corner; there go into the settings, once here, about halfway through the page you will see the 'autoplay' option; enter it and press on the sign next to "never play video automatically" And that's it.

    Disable continuous uploading of contacts and photos

    Another option for which you can lose the charge on your mobile is that you have the continuous import of working contacts and multimedia data . To disable it you have to go to the Facebook menu, then in settings and privacy, then select again in settings.

    While there you have to slide the screen so that you find 'continuous import of contacts and media data' at the bottom, press it and tap to activate or deactivate this function. In the case of the iOS system, 'media and contacts' appears first; and this option is called "load contacts" (to enable or disable at your discretion.

    Delete the stored data of the application

    With this option you can prevent mobile download and it also helps to clean your device . To delete the saved data from Facebook, you need to go to the mobile phone settings and enter the internal memory. Locate Facebook and open it, then there are two options "clear data" and "clear cache"; you can click on both and then agree to clean the application of the data stored in it.

    Install and use Facebook Lite

    Another alternative that can be very useful , especially for mobile phones that already have enough use. It is about using the light version of the Facebook app, this is none other than Facebook Lite. To perform this process, we must first uninstall the original Facebook app. If we enter the Play Store and look for its name, we can delete it.

    From the store we can search for the Lite version, which we must install, by touching the box with that indication. In addition to this, we can disable the automatic updates of the app itself, to avoid a greater consumption of storage space.

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    Disabling updates is critical, as it often happens that new updates come out frequently. So if they are active, the cell phone will have to download them almost daily . Causing our Smartphone to run out of battery too soon.

    Also, we can add to this the previous step and limit its background processes. This will make the battery practically not affected by this application and therefore we will have consumption only when we decide to open the app manually.

    Use the web version of Facebook

    The simplest and most effective method to stop Facebook from draining more battery is to simply stop using the main app. Let's talk about what we normally use when we think about opening our Facebook profile from our phone.

    In this case, what we will do is use our favorite browser. It can be whatever we want, even the one that comes by default on our device. From here we will only have to type in the search bar 'Facebook' and tap on search. With this we can access the Facebook page as if we were from the computer.

    This is the best option , because every time our browser is closed, it stops consuming data and wasting battery, because it has a very different usage protocol. And when you stop using it, it doesn't consume system resources in the background. So the only way Facebook will drain the battery will be when we have the browser open and the page loaded, or we are checking Facebook from there.

    From this version of Facebook we can do many of the things we would do from the main app. We can upload our photos, react to posts and more. However, some options are not available and they are the ones that normally use more resources like Facebook stories with music and lyrics.

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