Why does Glovo charge some orders in dollars? - Glovo orders

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Delivery services have become necessary in recent years, as is the case with Glovo. But you may be wondering what the Glovo company is and how it works. Well, it is an on-demand delivery application that does the transfer of objects, goods and procedures. However, some people have reported a problem with the charges. For this reason, in this article we will explain why Glovo charges some orders in dollars .

Why does Glovo charge some orders in dollars? - Glovo orders

Also, if this has happened to you, we'll also tell you how to claim back the difference of the money you're owed.

      Why does Glovo charge some orders in dollars?

      For some time now, many users of the popular home delivery platform have been reporting unusual behavior by the app's billing service via social networks.

      They have contacted and reported Glovo because the price of the product is reflected in the local currency of their country, but when they enter their bank account, they realize that the order was charged in dollars .

      In most cases, when the card payment date comes, the price of the product ends up being higher than the purchase . This happens because the official price of the dollar has risen.

      He said the total amount of his purchase was $1.300 (Argentine pesos), but that the dollar equivalent recorded in his bank account was $1.800.

      This is why so many worry and get angry: they are losing money . The obvious question to answer is why does Glovo charge some orders in dollars and not others?

      Through a statement, the Spanish-born company was tasked with solving the mystery. In it they ensured that if you buy a product through Glovo, will always be charged in your local currency using the official exchange rate published by your bank at the time of purchase as a reference.

      Then, they explained that, in some cases, it may happen that when you check your card's recent activity, the purchase amount appears in US dollars. They explained that this happens because the platform that Glovo uses to make payments it is international and uses the dollar as a reference .

      Therefore, when Glovo charges you for your purchase in dollars, it is a platform error . If you notice the issue before your billing date, you can correct it before you're charged. Conversely, if you realized it too late, you have every right to ask for a refund of the difference.

      For both cases, the company specified in the aforementioned statement that you should contact them. Here's how to do it.

      How to request a refund for your orders charged in dollars by Glovo

      To contact the Glovo team, follow these steps: access the application from your mobile > access the menu > press the "Contact" option. When you do, It is important to have receipts , as they will be required to refund the difference. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied, you can cancel your Glovo order from the application or from your computer.

      The best alternatives to Glovo

      Chances are, after an experience like this, you'll never want to use the app again. If this is the case for you, then we want to tell you about some alternatives to Glovo for ordering home delivery.

      From now on we clarify that some applications may not be available in your country, therefore we advise you to check their availability.

      Uber eats

      Recently, the popular transport company has started ad venture into on-demand delivery market. For this, it has launched this application, which is as easy to use as the transport app.

      ordina ora

      With a large catalog of options, OrdensYa lets you not only order food from your favorite restaurant, but also shop at drugstores, grocery chains, and more. Like Uber Eats, it has the option to see the path of your orders in real time .


      Finally, we present you Rappi, Glovo's main competition. So by registering with Rappi and placing your orders, you can have food, pharmaceuticals, even a hairdresser. Un great home service.

      We hope you find this article useful and that you continue to enjoy the delivery services that are within your reach today.

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