Why does my cell phone or cell phone turn off by itself and not turn on if the battery is charged?

Does your Android mobile turn off by itself even when you have fully charged the battery? If so, the best thing to do is find out why the my cell phone or cell phone turns off by itself and does not turn on if the battery is charged? and seek an immediate solution to this failure.

    Symptoms that alert mobile device users

    Among the symptoms that mobile users experience most is the fact that they turn off on their own. Also, sometimes incorrect values ​​are displayed on the battery indicator or the percentage of charge it can progress very slowly or very rapidly.

    All these symptoms are usually a cause for concern , especially when you know that the battery is fully charged but the terminal turns off and does not turn on. Often, since the user does not know what is causing this problem, it is convenient to seek help.

    The battery calibration process

    It is important to know what the battery calibration process is all about. Calibration is nothing more than a reset of incorrect battery data that is stored by the Android system.

    The calibration process is useful when the battery runs low and can be done via an app for users with root access. It is also possible to calibrate the battery by charging and discharging the terminal.

    Why does my cell phone or cell phone turn off by itself and not turn on if the battery is charged?

    The fact that a mobile phone turns itself off and does not turn on even with a charged battery is quite common. This circumstance is a sign that something is wrong with the device. Therefore, it is inevitable to know the causes that can cause this problem and possible solutions.

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    The causes of the problem

    You may have had bad habits while charging and discharging your device's battery. In some cases, allow the battery to reach charge level 0 or charge the mobile phone for long periods of time reduces the useful life of the battery.

    Also, the battery level indicator may not be calibrated. Another factor that causes an unexpected shutdown of the mobile is the failure to update the software, the use of defective components , sudden drops of the mobile phone and its exposure to high temperatures.

    What you need to do to fix the problem

    There are two alternatives you should follow if your mobile turns off by itself and won't turn on with the battery off: replace the battery or calibrate the battery. If you cannot replace the battery at this time, you need to proceed to calibration process and check if the problem is solved with this procedure.

    Check your cell phone battery

    If your mobile has a removable battery, check if it is swollen or has some other detail. A faulty battery can explode at any time while charging, so you'll need to replace it as soon as possible. You need to buy a new and original battery to avoid short term problems.

    If the battery of your mobile phone is not removable and its useful life has already expired, then you should resort to technical support so that the specialized personnel can disassemble the device and change the component.

    Battery calibration

    Finally, when the Android system shows the user via an indicator that the battery is full but the mobile is off, it means that the software is storing incorrect data. Therefore, the battery needs to be calibrated.

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    To perform this process, you need to use your mobile phone until the battery is completely discharged. Then proceed to charge the battery to 100% while keeping the mobile off. Turn on the device and use it until the battery is completely discharged. Recharge your mobile phone until it reaches 100% and check the indicator of carica once the terminal is turned on.

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