Why does my cellphone or phone disconnect from my wifi when I block it? - Solution

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People today have many ways they can communicate with others. One of the most important ways to establish conversations is on the Internet or in the telecommunication services themselves. Phones work by making calls within a telephone network. However, many times we want to get out of it and simply be connected to WiFi.

If your phone is giving you problems connecting with Wifi and it doesn't allow you to have a stable connection for a long time, it is important that you read this article, because we will provide you with different solutions and we will focus on when the phone loses connection when you close the screen or put it in lock mode.

What is Wi-Fi? How does this affect my mobile?

Wi-Fi is a wireless way in which the Internet can be distributed. This is of great importance because, as you may know, not all devices can be connected to the wall constantly, which is more evident than anything else in our phones. Previously, all internet-related matters were handled strictly via wired communication systems . If you don't know how, here we can teach you how to connect, disconnect or remove a Wi-Fi network from your mobile.

However, over time, Ruters, or Routers, were created. These devices are designed to take the signal from this internet cable and distribute it wirelessly through the use of electromagnetic waves and rays, that allow information to be distributed at the speed of light.

This type of signal does not adversely affect your mobile phone. All telephone systems, in fact, work under this same wireless service concept, only unlike a small router, they are giant antennas that can give signals for entire cities and not just for the living room of a home. However, there are methods by which people learn how to boost an Android phone's Wi-Fi signal.

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Why does my mobile or phone disconnect from my Wifi when I block it?

That is due to a large number of problems, These can range from internal device problems, to problems with the router, or with the way the ISP itself sends information to the modem. In this part we will see the possible causes of the problem.

One of the main ones is that your router may have IP address resolution conflicts. This could be because your phone it may have the same IP address as another element of your home, so the device has a conflict over which device to connect. To avoid this problem and the previous one, it is important to learn how to set up a Wi-Fi network.

Another way this problem can occur is by oversaturation of router connections. If you try to use a university router, for example, you will find that the connection is unstable and tends to drop. This is because there may be many people connected to the device at the same time and as a result the traffic becomes congested. If you want to avoid traffic congestion, you need to gain knowledge on how to maximize your internet speed.

Finally, and as the most common and therefore the most important, there is a problem caused by one of the phone's battery settings. You see, many devices automatically disconnect to save battery life.

What can I do to solve this problem?

First, the other two problems can only be solved by following the tutorials we leave you above. Usually, the resolution of these problems always requires access to the router configuration . However, if you'd like to turn off saver mode, we'll show you how to do it.

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First of all, you need to lower the notification bar and access the equipment options. In this menu you can see the Wireless Networks option. Enter this menu and where Wifi networks come out you will see a button on the right that says ¨Advanzado¨. Press this. Then you will be directed to another section where there are several options, including "Keep Wifi On While Sleeping". You have to make sure it is activated, so that the phone stop logging out without you asking.

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