Why does my mobile overheat when I play and how to fix it?

In today's article we will see why my cellphone overheats when i play and how to fix it . This is a little more common than you might imagine and we'll talk about it in detail below.

It is not at all strange that when we play games and the Android or iPhone gets hot, this is something that also happens on any computer or tablet and even the top of my mobile could get hot and shut down quickly. Games generally require most of the resources to run.

Why does my mobile overheat when I play and how to fix it?

Therefore, we will try to explain it simply and concisely. The more resources a game or app consumes, the device must increase the power it regularly uses to bring the hardware at the limit or not, it depends on the app or game, so that it works properly.

The problem is that the heavier a game is, the more resources it needs to run, the greater the power and this of course increases the temperature of its components , which will make your cell phone hotter than normal.

how can we solve this problem? We will talk about this in detail a little further below. Everything will depend on several factors, but once you have finished reading the article, it will be clear to you what and what you cannot do.

Why does my phone get hot when I play

Your device yes overheats when playing a game in it's actually not too strange to say, especially if the game you're running requires a lot of hardware power.

There are games that have poor graphics or that have very little screen effects. Obviously it is not possible to compare a Candy Crush with another game like Fortnite, it is evident that the latter requires more resources to work.

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The more resources a game requires, the more power the phone uses and the hotter it gets. Furthermore, that the battery lasts less than how much do you imagine.

Therefore, if you are running a heavy game, which has a high graphics load and a lot of screen effects, it is quite common for the phone to overheat. If you are not playing a game that requires a lot of requirements, the problem could be something else.

My mobile gets hot while playing games. How to fix it?

The first thing is to be aware of what we are doing as I said above. If you run a game or an app that has to consume a lot of resources to run, you will not be able to do anything when the mobile gets very hot when I play because it is something normal, you can only avoid the overheating of the laptop as it also happens in the computers.

But if the running app or game does not have too high a graphics load and the device overheats. So it could be a hardware or code problem with the application in question.

The first thing you should do is check which applications you have opened and closed one by one, wait a moment and check if the temperature of your device is returning to normal.

Another option you have is to look at the battery charts, as apps or games that generate a lot of temperature in our mobile also consume a lot of battery and you should make the most of the battery life. So give Settings> Battery you will be able to see which of all the apps consumes the most.

In case you can't find anything, we have the option to see which app is generating the most load on the device's memory. For this we must go up Development Options> Process Statistics .

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What we can never recommend is to use applications to "lower the temperature" of your device . They work the same way as "battery saving" apps and in many cases they end up being more harmful than you think.

Remember that if you have any kind of doubt or problem when it comes to verifying why my mobile is overheating when I play and how to fix it. You can leave it in the comment box which you will find a little further down.

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